June 29, 2009

Warmachine Battle Reports [Menoth vs. Mercenaries]

Burn baby burn - Menoth marches again
750 & 350pts

Two battles last Thursday with my Menoth taking on Richard's Mercenary army. In both battles Richard went with a Jack heavy mercenary force to support a non-epic warcaster. I took the usual Menoth infantry dominated lists. Both games were highly enjoyable and I have to admit it was good to get back into Warmachine again after such a long absence. I did have to give myself a severe talking to though as I began to seriously contemplate paint stripping and repainting my entire Menoth collection.... *sigh*... so much to do.

Game 1 - 750pts
Feora came out for this battle, part of my efforts to use the same casters continuously to develop my tactics with them. Can't remember Richard's army list off hand but it contained about 4 light and 4 heavy Warjacks. Up against that I took (from my rusty memory):

Feora (non-epic as I like her feat better)
Rhoven + Bodyguard
Zealots (6) + Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar (6)
Temple Flameguard (10)
Rupert Cavalo

Basic plan was for the TFG to Shield Wall in front of Feora while the Zealots and Exemplars rushed round either flank. The terrain set up favoured me a fair bit with the middle of the board dominated by two large fences extending from either edge and a small forest off centre. This meant I could safely position my infantry line in the clear ground between the two fences and have the forest to their front. Any Merc forces advancing toward me would have to funnel through narrow gaps on my right or left exposing themselves to the Exemplars or Zealots. Alternatively they could come through the forest which not only blocked LOS to my units, but also made Rupert Cavalo extremely important with his ability to give units Pathfinder. In a slight change I positioned both Crusaders on Feoras left and had them advance ahead of the main battle line.

Initial turns saw both armies advance toward eachother trying to gain the best position. Given my faster movement and the benefit of LOS blocking terrain I ran my entire army forward to occupy the key centre part of the battlefield. The Zealots took up position behind one fence with the Crusaders guarding the left hand gap. The TFGuard took the centre with Rhoven guarding the right hand gap. Only the Exemplars marched right forward attempting to get around the flank of Richards forces. Richards army split in two with the majority of his Jacks heading to my left toward the Zealots and the Crusaders, only a couple of light jacks headed off to my right toward my Exemplars. The initial combats were light some sporadic missle fire from Richard before his Jacks charged my Crusaders and the Exemplars. With his main units locked into combat or stuck behind terrain the remaining Zealots swooped around his right flank. With his caster exposed in the open behind the central forest the TFGuard and Rhoven were now set to advance through it with the aid of Ruperts Pathfinder Song. In the end it was unnecessary, magic from Feora's Hex Hammer spell saw the Mercenary caster take several damage points as he used focus. The Zealots then rushed in after Doc Killingsworth knoced the Merc caster down while healing him and blew him to pieces while he lay helpless on the ground.


Game 2 - 350 pts
Took my Pop n Drop Kreoss list in this game, up against yet another Jack heavy Mercenary list. Army for 350pts was still pretty big though and contained:

Fire of Salvation
Paladin Order of Wall
Deliverers (7)
Knights Exemplar (6)

Same terrain set up as before but this time rather than advance I hung back setting up the Deliverers and the Redeemer next to Kreoss just waiting for his units to appear and get knocked down by his feat. Only the Fire of Salavation and the Knights Exemplar marched forward. Some good spell casting from Richard saw both of these units get stuck, with the Exemplars losing 5 of 6 models, but in return they did some serious damage on the Mercenary forces. Paladin Order of the Wall hung around in front of Kreoss blocking any charges in his direction, while the remainder of the Mercenary force swung through the right hand gap heading toward Kreoss and my missle line.

Next few turns saw the Deliverers, the Redeemer and Kreoss pound the crap out of the Mercenary Warjacks but unable to damage his caster. Paladin Order of the Wall charged the Mercenary caster wounding him badly and reducing him to 3 damage points. Kreoss in turn was charged by a Heavy Mercenary Warjack which proceeded to do a modicum damage on him before Kreoss squashed it into a pile of scrap metal. While this was immensely satisfying it turned out to be a mistake as next round the Merc Caster charged Kreoss and using all 7 of his Focus just, and I mean just, managed to kill him. If I had left the severly disabled Merc Warjack in combat with Kreoss it couldnt have damaged him and my other units would have been free to finish off the Merc caster, who would not have had LOS to charge Kreoss. As it was I made the mistake and dispite destroying most of the Merc army for very few losses of my own, the Unit of Exemplars, Paladin and 2 Deliverers the Merc's won with the caster kill.


Final Thoughts
Two very enjoyable games, the 350pt one was definately the most fun to play as it involved a lot of tactical movement and came right down to the wire. The Paladin was only a bad dice roll away from killing the Merc caster, who himself used a couple of good dice rolls and some good focus management to kill Kreoss. In the 750pt game the battle was constrained by terrain to some degree, but thats Warmachine, and my superior numbers would have dealt to the Merc's in the end. Both lists worked pretty well too so I think Ill take them as standard from now on.

Warhammer Fantasy at the club this week though my Horned Rat II Dwarf List up against Vampire Counts - Caleb will be borrowing mine for the match. Horned Rat is now two weeks away....

June 24, 2009

Warhammer Tournament Army List [Dwarfs]

Final army list for HORNED RAT 2 submitted
Notes and thoughts on army selection

Submitted my final army list to the tournament organizers of Horned Rat 2 yesterday. Slight modification of my tournament list for NICON 09 with key changes being the omission of the Gyrocopter and the addition of another Thane and a small unit of Warriors. Final list was:

Lord - 285 pts
w. Shieldbearers, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Flight, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Warding, Ro Furnace

Dropped MR Steel and GW with MR Kragg Grimm. Cut point cost down to 285 but still gave me a strong and well protected Lord. MR Flight is an option I decided on after talking with another Dwarf player at NICON.

Runesmith - 137 pts
w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2, RO Stone, RO Furnace, RO Fire

Dropped MR Challenge as I haven't figured out how best to use it. RO Furnace needed to provide more protection, and RO Fire gives a modest magic weapon option when needed.

Thane - 140 pts
w. RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Resistance, RO Furnace, Battle Standard

Keeping BSB but giving it the MR Grungi which worked extremely well in a couple of test games. Does mean BSB goes in with only a 4+ AS which is piss poor but I don't plan to put him in harms way.

Thane - 127 pts
w. Shield, RO Stone, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Fury, RO Furnace

New addition to NICON list to give me a combat hero in one of my infantry units.

Hammerers x18 - 289pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Stoicism

Hammerers x18 - 304pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Stoicism & RO Sanctuary

Both of these units have remained unchanged. I prefer Hammerers because for 12pts you get a Stubborn WS5 S4 Warrior with a HW or GW who is Immune to Fear and Terror if with a Lord. Yes Ironbreakers have a better save but Ill take Stubborn over that any day, that and similiar armed Longbeards would cost you 13pts per model.

Longbeards x24 - 363 pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Battle & RO Stoicism

Had to lose a model here, and they remain the most expensive unit in my army so will be getting more than 1 Hero assigned to them in all probability. For price I could get 30-40 Warriors but the WS4 S3 just doesn't cut it. With Longbeards I have 3 big strong units all striking at WS5 S4 T4 with L9/10, 2 of those units are Stubborn and 1 immune to panic.

Warriors x10 - 95 pts
w. Shields, Musician

Inserted purely to provide a modicum of tactical flexibility and possibly as a guard unit for the BSB.

Quarrellers x10 - 120pts
w. Shields

Quarrellers x10 - 120 pts
w. Shields

Bolt-Thrower - 85 pts
w. Engineer, RO Penetrating

Bolt-Thrower - 65 pts
w. Engineer, RO Burning

Organ Gun - 120 pts

No real changes to these units except for RO Burning on 2nd Bolt-Thrower, and omission of Gyrocopter which I was finding hard to use. It is a great unit but I need to play test it more.


Modifications aside the army hasn't changed that much as I saw no point in abandoning completely what was a very good army list. What cost me at NICON wasn't my list composition (although the poor score there hurt) but bad decision making. Hopefully that will change at these next few events.

High Elf Phoenix Guard Complete

Finished this unit last night, still have a few little bits to glue back on - Standard, Musicians drum and a couple of Halberds - but its otherwise done. Photos are pretty poor but you get the drift.

June 22, 2009

Protectorate of Menoth Fan Art

Been doing some trawling of the PP Forums and found some more great Menoth art-work these were among the ones I liked the most

Oh Crap Warhammer Tournament list due in this week

HORNED RAT 2 just over a fortnight away?!?

Um, I have completely forgotten about this tournament and am going to have to finalise my army list for it this week as it is due at the organizers on Friday (I think). Will be taking my Dwarfs with me again, and while I have mucked around with my NICON 09 list I am seriously thinking about sticking with it unchanged for the next two tournaments just to see what happens. Have to sort out some accommodation for Wellington as well....

Iron Halo bases for Protectorate of Menoth

Which look do I go for?

Well unfortunately after playing Warmachine last week the WM bug has hit me again and I found myself putting the Warhammer painting on the back burner for the weekend as I made up Menoth list after Menoth list. Have also decided that once my High Elves have been completely repainted that I will slowly rebase my Menoth army using the Iron Halo base inserts. Key question is what bases do I go with? There are a large number available, but I have narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

The infantry will be the only units to get rebased, largely because I have pinned all of my Warjacks to their bases which will make them almost impossible to remove without damaging them. Would prefer a nice clean look, so am leaning more toward the middle option.

June 19, 2009

Warmachine Battle Reports [Menoth vs. Khador & Circle]

An underwhelming but enjoyable return to Menoth, or
Burn Baby Burn!!!

Played two games of Warmachine last night, my first in at least 5-6 months since our local campaign ended a while back. Was meant to play Rob but unfortunately he couldn't make it until late so I ended up taking on Toshi's Khador instead in a 350pt game and then Toshi and Richards Circle in a 750pt match. For first game Toshi very sportingly told me that my Zealots would be useless as he was well protected against missle fire (wind wall or something) so I swapped them out for a unit of Exemplars. For my first game in a long time this ended really really quickly. Toshi moved, I moved, Toshi moved, I moved, Toshi charged and whamo Feora was toast. Game over in about 15 minutes.

750pts of Menoth deployed

Game 2 was a better 750pt match up with Richard adding 400pts of Circle to Toshi's 350pt Khador and me fleshing out my Menoth with an additional caster (Kreoss) and some more Jacks. Two casters is against the rules in 750pts but we fudged it to make the game more balanced. In the end Feora was killed by Circle as were about half of my army but it was a lot closer than the result suggested. I was mismanaging my units/models and not activating them in the best order necessary to maximise the synergy Menoth is famed for. Knights Exemplar were brutal 3 of them charged a Khador Berserker and left it with 2 damage points. Seneschals got taken out before they could do anything, still not using them properly. If I had activated my units better and worked out my combinations properly I could have won that game. Had Khador retreating in the first few turns from the Seneschals, Exemplars and Kreoss which left Feora free to burn Circle. Just a few bad decisions on my part and some smart play by Richard and Toshi cost me in the end.

Still a very very enjoyable return to the world of Warmachine, going to have to fight hard not to stop painting and playing Warhammer now.... still so much painting to do...

Pictures courtesy of Toshi at [Karchev the Terrible] more pictures and a fuller battle report on his blog

June 18, 2009

Cereal John @ Getting Small has disappeared?!?!

A great blog seems to be no more?!?

Bad news for readers of the blogosphere who play Warmachine it appears as though Cereal John has deleted his Blog 'Getting Small' as I can no longer find it or his user profile anywhere on the net. Hope it isn't true as his blog was very good, had a large following and was starting to become an unofficial centre of discussion for a lot of Warmachine players.

If your out there then come back....

Playing Warmachine again

Unleash the Zealots and dust of the Warcaster

Well as my Warhammer opponent for tonights club game has pulled out I've organised a Warmachine game instead, under Mk1 rules. Going up against our Club President Rob and his Khador I think, or Circle, or Cryx or Trollbloods whichever he brings at 500pts. Not quite sure what to bring as it has been at least 4 months since I last played Warmachine. Still will be fun to get Feora in there burning stuff again. Haven't put a list together for a while either but I think ill try one of the following:

Exemplar Seneschal (2)
Choir (4)
Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar (6)
Rupert Cavalo


Zealots (8) + Monolith Bearer
Exemplar Seneschal (2)
Knights Exemplar (6)

New look for High Elf Phoenix Guard

High Elf army back on track

Completed a test model for my Phoenix Guard last night as part of my project to repaint and re-theme my High Elf army. The final look looks a bit Dark Elvish in some respects with the Purple cloak but I think it works pretty well. Took me a few hours to paint this one model as I was using a lot of washes on the armour to bring out the colours, and also concentrating on highlighting the armour a bit more. Put it next to the original paint job for comparison, the original which I completed well over a year ago shows how my painting has progressed since I first started playing WHFB as well.

June 17, 2009

Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Completed

Amazing what you can do with a day off work

Finished this yesterday after putting it off for a while and I have to say I am pretty happy with it especially the blood, lamps and the extras I put on the base. The base itself was made using modeling clay (it hardens it overnight) and leftover bits from various kits, managed to find some extra rats as well. Pity I won't be the first person to use it in a game, Richard is borrowing my Vampire Counts to flesh out his collection so he can go up against my Dwarfs in a 2,250 pt battle tomorrow night. Still at least I can lend him a nicely painted army. I'll probably revisit this model tonight though to add some more detailing to the wooden cart sides.

Going to touch up my other Zombie regiment to add more blood to them and currently working on more filler bases for my Crypt Ghouls who will be my next painting project. Looks like my High Elves are on the back burner again.

June 15, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Dwarfs vs. Empire]

The Sigmarite Grudge lives on
Dwarfs vs. Empire 2,250pts

Club match against Stephens Empire army this week testing out a modified version of my NICON Dwarf army list. The opposing armies for this match were:

Lord w. Shieldbearers
Thane w. BSB
Longbeards x20
Longbeards x20
Warriors x10
Hammerers x18
Quarrellers x15
Organ Gun

Mage on Griffon
Warrior Priest
Swords x20 w. Detachment
Spears x20 w. Detachment
Handgunners x10
Handgunners x10
Ogres x3
Flagellants x20
Knights x5

Empire called sides and deployed first making use of the small hill in their deployment zone and the open spaces available to them. With my smaller number of units I was at a disadvantage in that my opponent could wait before deploying his nastier units such as the Giant and Knights until after I had placed all of mine. As it was I stuck to a simple plan, infantry in a big block on one corner with Organ Gun protecting their flank and rear. Quarrellers in the middle to shoot at any flanking enemy and Cannon and the left to afford further flank protection. In hindsight following post-match discussion I should have deployed the Organ Gun with the Cannon so they could support eachother.
Turns 1 - 2
Before these began the Strollaz Rune came out and my infantry marched 6" forward along with the Organ Gun. I had intended for the OG to stay where it was but felt that marching it into the forest would afford it somewhat better protection from the Empires Griffon rider - flyers can't land in forests.

Empire started first and began by pouring magic and missle fire into my Hammerers. Much to Stephens annoyance the Runes of Furnace on my Heros meant that they were all immune to the Lore of Metal meaning he had to settle for picking out rank and file models instead. With no Runesmith I only had 4 DD but every unit had MR 1 drom either Thanes Oath Stones, or in the case of the Hammerers the RO Sanctuary. Empire magic was largely dispelled and the only casualties came from missle fire - although here they were less they would have been thanks to the MR Grungi.
Dwarf responses entailed marching straight at the Empire Swordsmen and shooting everything I had at the Giant. Unfortunately a series of poor dice rolls saw the big beast emerge unscathed. Despite marching forward Stephen had held back his units somewhat, except for the Flagellants, so he could pound me with his Cannon and Mortar and with Magic before charging. The Knights also charged the Cannon, while the Giant stopped short of my Quarrellers negating their stand and shoot ability.

Turns 3 - 4
Luck is with me here as the Empire Mortar misfires and blows up. However Empire shooting takes down more Hammerers and Magic silences the Organ Gun with Commandment of Brass. This spell was kept on that weapon almost the entire game, the only turn I was able to fire the OG it misfired so no luck there at all. Empire infantry begin to move forward now beginning with the Flagellants who charge into the flank of one unit of Longbeards. According to his Lords plan the Longbeards accompanying Thane placed his Oath Stone and his Warriors gathered around him ready to meet their foe.

On my left the Knights had destroyed the Cannon crew in the previous turn and pursued off the board, they now returned in Turn 3 and proceeded to march along my deployment area. The Giant charged the Quarrellers overrunning them and also leaving the board, while the Ogres (who luckily for me Stephen forgot to move for a turn) wheeled and followed the Giant.

In close combat my Longbeards held against the Flagellants only to be flank charged by the Swordsmen. Rather than come to their aid, and thus expose thier flank to the Empire Spears, the Hammerers charged the Empire Spearmen while the other Longbeard unit charged the Militiamen and Handgunners near the hill. Close combat ground out more wounds on each side and the Oath Stone bound Longbeard unit was forced to make yet another l/ship check this time at -4 which it just passed. This proved to be a turning point as behind them the Hammerers and Longbeards powered through the other Empire infantry units.

In one crucial mistake though my Lord challenged the Empire General - dumb dumb dumb - his magical talisman saw the Empire General adopt my Lords stats and my Lord his negating his advantages in attack. Only the Lord's re-rollable AS saved him from embarrasment, that and his Shieldbearers who, unaffected by the Empire Talisman, scored a couple of wounds on the Empire General.

Turns 5-6
The Empire General dies and the Spears break and flee, a unit of Handgunners is overrun and the 2nd charged by the pursuing Longbeards and the majority of the Empire infantry is in full retreat. Only in the centre do they remain firm, but not for long. Whittled down over 6-8 rounds of combat the Swordsmen break and run and are only saved from being pursued and cut down by the unbreakable remaining Flagellant. Their panic though spreads to the Empire Giant who was just moving into position to charge the Oath Stone bound Longbeards. Fleeing the Giant paniced the Ogres and proceeded to run to the table edge out of the battle.

Turn 5 saw the Organ Gun once again get slotted by the Commandment of Brass and the Empire infantry who had fled from the Hammerers rally and reform. In the centre the Longbeards finally kill off the Flagellants but the few survivors are then hit by the Empire Ogres. Turn 6 ends with the majority of the Dwarven army stationed in the Empires deployment zone, and the strongest Empire units to far away to aid their footbound brethern.

Final Results - Draw

Postage rates for alternative suppliers

And we have a winner

Heard back from some of the alternative suppliers I found the other week regarding postage costs to New Zealand, and they seem much of muchness and fairly reasonable.

DarkSword Miniatures (US)
Flat rate US$16 per order via UPS 1st Class Airmail on orders of up to 289 models. Postage would take about 2-3 weeks.

Gamezone Miniatures (GER)
Two options for New Zealand buyers (1) Maxi Letter uninsured at EU$16.50 up to 1kg, or (b) Insured at EU$42.50 up to 5kg. Payment via Paypal required for overseas buyers.

GiftsforGeeks (UK)
Surface mail is only available option with delivery time of up to 14 weeks, cost dependent upon order size.

Of the three Gifts for Geeks is out, while they have a great range I can get free postage and the same and cheaper prices from Maelstrom in the UK and delivery only takes 2 weeks at most. DarkSword is a defiant option with that flat rate this is a hell of a lot better than what many US suppliers charge for overseas postage, found one company that wanted US$100 for posting any order to New Zealand?!? Gamezone miniatures is also out, lack of insurance is a big issue for miniature orders but 43 EUROS for an insured parcel is NZ$100 and simply not worth it just to get some 'alternate' miniatures.

More Warhammer tournament pictures

Dwarfs vs. Dwarfs at NICON 09

Just got these pictures of Adam a fellow Dwarf player of mine and Ken's epic Dwarf vs. Dwarf battle at NICON the other month. Awesome game and a great way to end the tournament, hopefully we'll both do better next time round. [Full Battle Report here]

My main battle line deployed on the right flank

My Quarrellers & Bolt-Thrower deployed on hill

Ken's army Strollaz's forward

My army begins its march around the flank

Gyrocopter guards my flank as my march continues

Before my flank march arrives, Ken's Ironbreaker's see of my Hammerers

Combat is joined as run into Ken's Warriors

My remaining forces reach combat

High Elfs getting a new look

Swordmasters all finished

Completed the first units in my new look High Elf army last night. The changes will involve (a) Adopting the Swordmasters Purple based colour scheme across the entire army, necessitating a repaint of every other unit, and (b) Rebasing the entire army with IronHalo bases with a new colour scheme. At this stage I am hoping to get them all ready in time for Call to Arms in August, but failing that the first tournament of next year will be fine.

The Swordmasters didn't require any major work apart from some minor touch ups on the white cloaks and the black helmet plumes which were a bit messy. Bases were originally going to be green but I decided on a rocky look instead as it fits better with the look of the models. Final touch was to dry brush Skull White over everything to give it a snowy look and I will add some Snow type flock in a few places as well. Next unit to get the treatment are my Phoenix Guard.

June 10, 2009

Searching for alternative miniatures

Trying to beat the GW price increases & looking for something unique
Options for Nauticans, Dwarfs, Elves and Vampires?!?

Well unfortunately my favourite supplier Maelstrom Games in the UK has had to up its prices by 15% in response to GW recent price increases. While they are still cheaper than any local option, even considering that the items have to travel 12,000 miles to get to me, I have been looking at alternative sources of miniatures. The aim is threefold (1) Find decent alternatives cheaper than the official GW figures, (2) Find some unique figures to add something special to my armies, and (3) Find some figures to flesh out my Nautican army. A couple of my more recent finds include:

Dark Sword Miniatures (US)
Pretty diverse range of 28mm + miniatures mainly in the fantasy genre but a few others here and there. Only postal option available to non-US residents appears to be UPS which would usually make them an expensive option for Kiwi's, but the company offers a flat US$16 UPS rate for all overseas orders regardless of size which is awesome.


I particularly like this figure, and at US$8 it would make a pretty good hero character for any Nautican army. The second figure is around the same price and is labelled as a Sea Nymph, I'm guessing you could use it as Zheala one of the Nautican special characters.

Can also say that they my experience with their customer service has been great so far, they responded exceedingly quickly to a couple of email inquiries I shot through to them.

Reaper Minis
I also found this guy on Reaper Mini's out of the same product range as the Spectral Minion, or Wraith I recieved in the post the other day. Would make an awesome looking Vampire Lord General for any Vampire Count Army, key issue for me is the cost at US$35 per figure, ouch!!!

Gamezone Miniatures (Germany)
Can't remember who put me onto these guys but I have come across them before. Great moldings on the figures in 28mm scale. Some of the figures from their stock that I especially like are:

Dwarf Miners

Miner Champion

Dwarf Thane

Great Eagle


Warriors Unit Box (18 figures)

The prices on these guys are pretty reasonable too, unfortunately postage appears to be a pain so I might have to get any order sent to a mate in the UK and then onto me in New Zealand.