June 15, 2009

High Elfs getting a new look

Swordmasters all finished

Completed the first units in my new look High Elf army last night. The changes will involve (a) Adopting the Swordmasters Purple based colour scheme across the entire army, necessitating a repaint of every other unit, and (b) Rebasing the entire army with IronHalo bases with a new colour scheme. At this stage I am hoping to get them all ready in time for Call to Arms in August, but failing that the first tournament of next year will be fine.

The Swordmasters didn't require any major work apart from some minor touch ups on the white cloaks and the black helmet plumes which were a bit messy. Bases were originally going to be green but I decided on a rocky look instead as it fits better with the look of the models. Final touch was to dry brush Skull White over everything to give it a snowy look and I will add some Snow type flock in a few places as well. Next unit to get the treatment are my Phoenix Guard.


Binz said...

Looking very nice there John!

Banner pole seems a bit bent?

Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Those Swordmasters look sharp. The contrast offered by the helmets is great. The snowy bases are also top notch.

John said...

Thanks guys