June 22, 2009

Iron Halo bases for Protectorate of Menoth

Which look do I go for?

Well unfortunately after playing Warmachine last week the WM bug has hit me again and I found myself putting the Warhammer painting on the back burner for the weekend as I made up Menoth list after Menoth list. Have also decided that once my High Elves have been completely repainted that I will slowly rebase my Menoth army using the Iron Halo base inserts. Key question is what bases do I go with? There are a large number available, but I have narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

The infantry will be the only units to get rebased, largely because I have pinned all of my Warjacks to their bases which will make them almost impossible to remove without damaging them. Would prefer a nice clean look, so am leaning more toward the middle option.

1 comment:

Toshi David said...

I like the middle option as well for a less cluttered look. Its also similar to some of the stuff you already have on your bases isnt it?