June 10, 2009

Latest additions & changes to painting backlog

My Reaper Miniatures finally arrived

Well as I said in an earlier post I ordered some alternative miniatures from Reaper Mini a few weeks back, and they finally arrived yesterday. Of the five miniatures I got I have to say that I was reasonably pleased with 3 of them, ok with 1 and not so happy with the fifth.

First up is the mermaid. The molding on this miniature is pretty good and while the figure itself is a bit small it fits well onto a standard 20mmx20mm base. Only part I had to attach was her right arm, I also covered her upper torso with green stuff and molded it into some semblance of a cloak.

The Spectral BSB guy was pretty good, but more clunky than I had expected. Fitting his banner pole on was a bit of a mission as there were not clear guides to where it should go so I just used my best guess. Greenstuff helped rough out some cloaked hands to grasp it and I have inclined mine at more of an angle than in the official image. Was intending to use him as a Vampire Count BSB, but will now (after a suggestion from Sigmar), paint him up as the Chanty Singer BSB for my Nauticans.

Ok this guy the Spectre Ghost thing is freaking awesome, great sized figure exactly to scale for Warhammer and fits well onto a 20mmx20mm base. Great detailing on the molding and a solid looking model. After getting this guy I am seriously considering ordering a few more to make a up a somewhat more spectactular looking unit of Cairn Wraiths for my Vampire Army. Alternatively he would make a good Wight King to go with my Grave Guard.

The Dwarf Lord is another good looking model, unfortunately he is slightly oversized as far as Warhammer Fantasy goes. But the detailing on him is just superb so I am going to use him anyway as he will make a great looking Thane.

The last figure was the only one I wasn't happy with. I was hoping to turn him into an armoured Vampire Lord but the figure is way too small, probably slightly smaller than LoTR size figures so is unuseable.

Assembled them all last night, will undercoat tonight, and hopefully get some painting done over the weekend. Although I have my Swordmasters & Phoenix Guard to repaint first and my Daughters bedroom to insulate, rewall, plaster and paint as well *sigh*

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Binz said...

Nice! Cant wait to see them painted up!