June 8, 2009

Painting progress & competition entry

WHFB Projects: Dwarves & Ghouls
Fleshing out your units with fillers

Well, no games for me since I returned from NICON as I've been laid up with some damn bug. All better now though so looking forward to playing Stephens Empire on Thursday at the club. In the interim (in between marking assignments of course) I've been painting my Dwarfs to get my tournament army looking all spic and span. Currently completing a unit of warriors that had been sitting in a box for last year and repainting all of the shields across the entire army so they all show my armies clan symbol (the one shown in the blog banner).

Also starting work on a Vampire Counts conversion for my Ghouls. Purchased some 40x40mm bases and decided to use them as fillers to flesh out my Ghouls units. Will be entering one such conversion into the Battle Reporter Forums painting competition. So far the undercoated model looks like:

The base has consists of two Ghouls eating an Empire Spearmen, whose arms have been replaced with a couple leftover from my Zombie kit. Have put together one other base like this with a pile of Dwarf heads on it being munched on by a couple of Ghouls, but have run out of bits so can't do anymore at the moment. If I plan it right I should be able to turn 20 single Ghoul models into a unit of 30-40. N.B. Kiwi is the tag I use on most forums either that or tolpuddle, makes me easy to find.

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Binz said...

Looks like its going to be a very cool concept there John!!