June 15, 2009

Postage rates for alternative suppliers

And we have a winner

Heard back from some of the alternative suppliers I found the other week regarding postage costs to New Zealand, and they seem much of muchness and fairly reasonable.

DarkSword Miniatures (US)
Flat rate US$16 per order via UPS 1st Class Airmail on orders of up to 289 models. Postage would take about 2-3 weeks.

Gamezone Miniatures (GER)
Two options for New Zealand buyers (1) Maxi Letter uninsured at EU$16.50 up to 1kg, or (b) Insured at EU$42.50 up to 5kg. Payment via Paypal required for overseas buyers.

GiftsforGeeks (UK)
Surface mail is only available option with delivery time of up to 14 weeks, cost dependent upon order size.

Of the three Gifts for Geeks is out, while they have a great range I can get free postage and the same and cheaper prices from Maelstrom in the UK and delivery only takes 2 weeks at most. DarkSword is a defiant option with that flat rate this is a hell of a lot better than what many US suppliers charge for overseas postage, found one company that wanted US$100 for posting any order to New Zealand?!? Gamezone miniatures is also out, lack of insurance is a big issue for miniature orders but 43 EUROS for an insured parcel is NZ$100 and simply not worth it just to get some 'alternate' miniatures.

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Binz said...

Wow... Maelstrom is looking soooo good right now :)