June 10, 2009

Searching for alternative miniatures

Trying to beat the GW price increases & looking for something unique
Options for Nauticans, Dwarfs, Elves and Vampires?!?

Well unfortunately my favourite supplier Maelstrom Games in the UK has had to up its prices by 15% in response to GW recent price increases. While they are still cheaper than any local option, even considering that the items have to travel 12,000 miles to get to me, I have been looking at alternative sources of miniatures. The aim is threefold (1) Find decent alternatives cheaper than the official GW figures, (2) Find some unique figures to add something special to my armies, and (3) Find some figures to flesh out my Nautican army. A couple of my more recent finds include:

Dark Sword Miniatures (US)
Pretty diverse range of 28mm + miniatures mainly in the fantasy genre but a few others here and there. Only postal option available to non-US residents appears to be UPS which would usually make them an expensive option for Kiwi's, but the company offers a flat US$16 UPS rate for all overseas orders regardless of size which is awesome.


I particularly like this figure, and at US$8 it would make a pretty good hero character for any Nautican army. The second figure is around the same price and is labelled as a Sea Nymph, I'm guessing you could use it as Zheala one of the Nautican special characters.

Can also say that they my experience with their customer service has been great so far, they responded exceedingly quickly to a couple of email inquiries I shot through to them.

Reaper Minis
I also found this guy on Reaper Mini's out of the same product range as the Spectral Minion, or Wraith I recieved in the post the other day. Would make an awesome looking Vampire Lord General for any Vampire Count Army, key issue for me is the cost at US$35 per figure, ouch!!!

Gamezone Miniatures (Germany)
Can't remember who put me onto these guys but I have come across them before. Great moldings on the figures in 28mm scale. Some of the figures from their stock that I especially like are:

Dwarf Miners

Miner Champion

Dwarf Thane

Great Eagle


Warriors Unit Box (18 figures)

The prices on these guys are pretty reasonable too, unfortunately postage appears to be a pain so I might have to get any order sent to a mate in the UK and then onto me in New Zealand.


Binz said...

Nice looking models, hehe, stupid price increases for GW stuff.

Luckily for me at least, im not looking at buying any more for a long while.

Black Bard said...

O wow! The dwarf miners from gamezone are very interesting! Even paining up Skaven I bet a few clips here and there and you have a rat poking up out of the tunnel!

John said...

I was tempted to buy a set of the miners to see what they were like but am still unable to find a scale comparison picture anywhere. Not willing to risk money and something I may not be able to use.