June 17, 2009

Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Completed

Amazing what you can do with a day off work

Finished this yesterday after putting it off for a while and I have to say I am pretty happy with it especially the blood, lamps and the extras I put on the base. The base itself was made using modeling clay (it hardens it overnight) and leftover bits from various kits, managed to find some extra rats as well. Pity I won't be the first person to use it in a game, Richard is borrowing my Vampire Counts to flesh out his collection so he can go up against my Dwarfs in a 2,250 pt battle tomorrow night. Still at least I can lend him a nicely painted army. I'll probably revisit this model tonight though to add some more detailing to the wooden cart sides.

Going to touch up my other Zombie regiment to add more blood to them and currently working on more filler bases for my Crypt Ghouls who will be my next painting project. Looks like my High Elves are on the back burner again.


Big D said...

I absolutely love this model. I play 40k and I liked it so much that I had to pick one up to convert to a Chariot for my Khorne Herald. It is just full of so many awesome bits.

John said...

A Corpse Cart as part of a Khorne army now that I would love to see :) Cheers for stopping by, hope your enjoying the blog

Binz said...

Nice and gory :D