June 15, 2009

Warhammer Battle Report [Dwarfs vs. Empire]

The Sigmarite Grudge lives on
Dwarfs vs. Empire 2,250pts

Club match against Stephens Empire army this week testing out a modified version of my NICON Dwarf army list. The opposing armies for this match were:

Lord w. Shieldbearers
Thane w. BSB
Longbeards x20
Longbeards x20
Warriors x10
Hammerers x18
Quarrellers x15
Organ Gun

Mage on Griffon
Warrior Priest
Swords x20 w. Detachment
Spears x20 w. Detachment
Handgunners x10
Handgunners x10
Ogres x3
Flagellants x20
Knights x5

Empire called sides and deployed first making use of the small hill in their deployment zone and the open spaces available to them. With my smaller number of units I was at a disadvantage in that my opponent could wait before deploying his nastier units such as the Giant and Knights until after I had placed all of mine. As it was I stuck to a simple plan, infantry in a big block on one corner with Organ Gun protecting their flank and rear. Quarrellers in the middle to shoot at any flanking enemy and Cannon and the left to afford further flank protection. In hindsight following post-match discussion I should have deployed the Organ Gun with the Cannon so they could support eachother.
Turns 1 - 2
Before these began the Strollaz Rune came out and my infantry marched 6" forward along with the Organ Gun. I had intended for the OG to stay where it was but felt that marching it into the forest would afford it somewhat better protection from the Empires Griffon rider - flyers can't land in forests.

Empire started first and began by pouring magic and missle fire into my Hammerers. Much to Stephens annoyance the Runes of Furnace on my Heros meant that they were all immune to the Lore of Metal meaning he had to settle for picking out rank and file models instead. With no Runesmith I only had 4 DD but every unit had MR 1 drom either Thanes Oath Stones, or in the case of the Hammerers the RO Sanctuary. Empire magic was largely dispelled and the only casualties came from missle fire - although here they were less they would have been thanks to the MR Grungi.
Dwarf responses entailed marching straight at the Empire Swordsmen and shooting everything I had at the Giant. Unfortunately a series of poor dice rolls saw the big beast emerge unscathed. Despite marching forward Stephen had held back his units somewhat, except for the Flagellants, so he could pound me with his Cannon and Mortar and with Magic before charging. The Knights also charged the Cannon, while the Giant stopped short of my Quarrellers negating their stand and shoot ability.

Turns 3 - 4
Luck is with me here as the Empire Mortar misfires and blows up. However Empire shooting takes down more Hammerers and Magic silences the Organ Gun with Commandment of Brass. This spell was kept on that weapon almost the entire game, the only turn I was able to fire the OG it misfired so no luck there at all. Empire infantry begin to move forward now beginning with the Flagellants who charge into the flank of one unit of Longbeards. According to his Lords plan the Longbeards accompanying Thane placed his Oath Stone and his Warriors gathered around him ready to meet their foe.

On my left the Knights had destroyed the Cannon crew in the previous turn and pursued off the board, they now returned in Turn 3 and proceeded to march along my deployment area. The Giant charged the Quarrellers overrunning them and also leaving the board, while the Ogres (who luckily for me Stephen forgot to move for a turn) wheeled and followed the Giant.

In close combat my Longbeards held against the Flagellants only to be flank charged by the Swordsmen. Rather than come to their aid, and thus expose thier flank to the Empire Spears, the Hammerers charged the Empire Spearmen while the other Longbeard unit charged the Militiamen and Handgunners near the hill. Close combat ground out more wounds on each side and the Oath Stone bound Longbeard unit was forced to make yet another l/ship check this time at -4 which it just passed. This proved to be a turning point as behind them the Hammerers and Longbeards powered through the other Empire infantry units.

In one crucial mistake though my Lord challenged the Empire General - dumb dumb dumb - his magical talisman saw the Empire General adopt my Lords stats and my Lord his negating his advantages in attack. Only the Lord's re-rollable AS saved him from embarrasment, that and his Shieldbearers who, unaffected by the Empire Talisman, scored a couple of wounds on the Empire General.

Turns 5-6
The Empire General dies and the Spears break and flee, a unit of Handgunners is overrun and the 2nd charged by the pursuing Longbeards and the majority of the Empire infantry is in full retreat. Only in the centre do they remain firm, but not for long. Whittled down over 6-8 rounds of combat the Swordsmen break and run and are only saved from being pursued and cut down by the unbreakable remaining Flagellant. Their panic though spreads to the Empire Giant who was just moving into position to charge the Oath Stone bound Longbeards. Fleeing the Giant paniced the Ogres and proceeded to run to the table edge out of the battle.

Turn 5 saw the Organ Gun once again get slotted by the Commandment of Brass and the Empire infantry who had fled from the Hammerers rally and reform. In the centre the Longbeards finally kill off the Flagellants but the few survivors are then hit by the Empire Ogres. Turn 6 ends with the majority of the Dwarven army stationed in the Empires deployment zone, and the strongest Empire units to far away to aid their footbound brethern.

Final Results - Draw


Binz said...

Wow, how was that a draw??

From the report, it looked like you were dominating!

ArchonFarseerGuy said...

Most of my expensive units got in behind him. A couple of mistakes from my part meant they didn't end up charging for various reasons.

Anyways, nice report - it's always cool to see the battle from opposing perspective!