June 24, 2009

Warhammer Tournament Army List [Dwarfs]

Final army list for HORNED RAT 2 submitted
Notes and thoughts on army selection

Submitted my final army list to the tournament organizers of Horned Rat 2 yesterday. Slight modification of my tournament list for NICON 09 with key changes being the omission of the Gyrocopter and the addition of another Thane and a small unit of Warriors. Final list was:

Lord - 285 pts
w. Shieldbearers, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Flight, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Warding, Ro Furnace

Dropped MR Steel and GW with MR Kragg Grimm. Cut point cost down to 285 but still gave me a strong and well protected Lord. MR Flight is an option I decided on after talking with another Dwarf player at NICON.

Runesmith - 137 pts
w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2, RO Stone, RO Furnace, RO Fire

Dropped MR Challenge as I haven't figured out how best to use it. RO Furnace needed to provide more protection, and RO Fire gives a modest magic weapon option when needed.

Thane - 140 pts
w. RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Preservation, RO Resistance, RO Furnace, Battle Standard

Keeping BSB but giving it the MR Grungi which worked extremely well in a couple of test games. Does mean BSB goes in with only a 4+ AS which is piss poor but I don't plan to put him in harms way.

Thane - 127 pts
w. Shield, RO Stone, RO Cleaving, RO Fire, RO Fury, RO Furnace

New addition to NICON list to give me a combat hero in one of my infantry units.

Hammerers x18 - 289pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Stoicism

Hammerers x18 - 304pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Stoicism & RO Sanctuary

Both of these units have remained unchanged. I prefer Hammerers because for 12pts you get a Stubborn WS5 S4 Warrior with a HW or GW who is Immune to Fear and Terror if with a Lord. Yes Ironbreakers have a better save but Ill take Stubborn over that any day, that and similiar armed Longbeards would cost you 13pts per model.

Longbeards x24 - 363 pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Battle & RO Stoicism

Had to lose a model here, and they remain the most expensive unit in my army so will be getting more than 1 Hero assigned to them in all probability. For price I could get 30-40 Warriors but the WS4 S3 just doesn't cut it. With Longbeards I have 3 big strong units all striking at WS5 S4 T4 with L9/10, 2 of those units are Stubborn and 1 immune to panic.

Warriors x10 - 95 pts
w. Shields, Musician

Inserted purely to provide a modicum of tactical flexibility and possibly as a guard unit for the BSB.

Quarrellers x10 - 120pts
w. Shields

Quarrellers x10 - 120 pts
w. Shields

Bolt-Thrower - 85 pts
w. Engineer, RO Penetrating

Bolt-Thrower - 65 pts
w. Engineer, RO Burning

Organ Gun - 120 pts

No real changes to these units except for RO Burning on 2nd Bolt-Thrower, and omission of Gyrocopter which I was finding hard to use. It is a great unit but I need to play test it more.


Modifications aside the army hasn't changed that much as I saw no point in abandoning completely what was a very good army list. What cost me at NICON wasn't my list composition (although the poor score there hurt) but bad decision making. Hopefully that will change at these next few events.


Darth Weasel said...

idly curious why no more march blocking? I don't really play the Dwarf army much so maybe you don't need the extra shooting time, but the Gyro seemed a major part of our earlier plans and that seems like a pretty big change.

John said...

Yeah it is a big change and I am not quite sure how it will work out yet, play testing this Thursday.