June 2, 2009

Warhammer Tournament Report Pt 3 [NICON 09]

Day 2 Final Match & Tournament Wrap Up
Why the @#@! did I do that?!?

Game 7
The final game of the day against the Wood Elf army that eventually came in 2nd in the tournament, the Brettonians came first (by a single pt). My opponents army which was beautifully painted (wish I had my camera with me) consisted of the following units:

Eternal Guard x20
Glade Guard x12
Glade Guard x12
Glade Riders x5
Glade Rides x5
Dyrads x8
Dyrads x8
Wild Riders x6
Wardancers x7

The terrain for this last battle offered me a couple of challenges. Dominating the entire right hand half of the board were a series of forests which I knew I had to both avoid (because of WE magic) and defend against (because of WE ignoring movement penalties through them). I also had two excellent defensive positions available on either side a large hill and a building surrounded by defendable obstacles.

Wood Elves won the roll to choose sides and took the one with the hill setting up first. Luckily for me I won the dice roll for first turn which enabled me to get my shooting in early. My overall plan was to concentrate my defence around the building and shoot down as many Elves as I could before they got to me. The narrow space between the board edge and the buildings meant I could fight over a narrow front and protect my flanks pretty well against the Wardancers, and fast flanking Glade & Wild Riders.

Having played against Joel's Wood Elves the previous day I had some idea as to what the various units could do and so picked out my intended targets early. First priority would be the Dryads followed by the Treeman. The Dyrads because I didnt want them to lock me into combat, and the Treeman because he was too dangerous to leave alive. The Riders I wasn't too concerned about as I would be happy to engage them in close combat once they got into my battle line.

Deployment and Turn 1

Turns 1-2
My only move in Turn 1 is to fly the Gyrocopter forward to march block the Glade Riders. In the process it takes out 1 Rider, but unfortunately can't go far enough to block the Wild Riders from marching right across the board. Shooting is good taking down 2 Dryads and 2 Wardancers. In reply the Wood Elf shooting knocks out a few Hammerers, a Quarreller and wounds the Gyrocopter.

Turn 2

Turn 2 sees the Organ Gun and Quarrellers rip apart one of the Dryad units destroying it completely while the Gyrocopter knocks off another Rider. The Bolt-Throwers though continue their run of ill luck and continue to miss everything they shot at. In response the Wood Elves take down the Gyro, boxed in by Glade Riders I attempt to flee it into empty space but roll a 7 on 3D6 seeing it flee into the US8 Rider unit stationed behind them. The other Elven units also close in on my main battleline while Elven shooting takes down another Hammerer and destroys the Quarrellers deployed out in the open.

Turns 3 -4
In these turns the remaining Dyrads charge the Quarrellers, BSB and Runesmith stationed in the building, while the remainder of the Elven army charge the Longbeards and Hammerers on the right flank. The Organ Gun suffers a misfire and then has its crew is taken down by Elven archery before being charged by Glade Riders. The Glade Guard do even more damage on the left flank Hammerers who proceed to turn around and head back toward the cover of the building. Fighting in that building is now over with the Dryads reduced now to 6 defeating the Quarrellers. Luckily they only flee a few inches and stop short of the board edge with the BSB (minus his standard), Runesmith and 4 Quarrellers still alive.

In the melee on the right flank the Wild Riders have overrun the Bolt-Thrower and gone into the Hammerers along with the Wardancers. With the Eternal Guard and Treeman not far away the Longbeards now face a number of options. Do they wheel left, flank charge the Glade Riders attacking the Organ Gun and hopefully overrun into the Dryads in the building. Do they stand fast and wait for the charge of the Eternal Guard & Treeman. Or do they advance forward and attempt to help the Hammerers. The sensible option(s) were the last two. The Organ Gun was doomed anyway, the Glade Riders would be unable to do much damage to the Longbeards even with a flank charge and the Eternal Guard were the biggest threat.

So what did I do? I flank charged the Glade Riders fighting the Organ Gun. Result - the Longbeards and my Lord slaughter the Glade Guard but get stuck as they hit the wall in front of the building. As an obstacle it takes a turn to move over it. This leaves their flank exposed to the Eternal Guard & Treeman who gratefully charge in. The end result? The Longbeards are cut down and unable to fight back, they lose on CR and FAIL YES FAIL their panic check, flee and are caught - 375pts of Longbeards and 301pts of Dwarf General dead with only 4 dead Glade Guard to show for it. Dumb Dumb Dumb!!! And very upsetting.

Turns 5-6
With the demise of the Longbeards the Hammerers are now completely overrun and trampled into the ground in Turn 5. The only units left to me are the far left Bolt-Thrower which manages to redeem itself by scoring 3-4 wounds on the Treeman, the other Hammerer unit (now reduced to 4 models), my BSB, Runesmith and 4 Quarrellers who have since rallied. These all charge the Dyrads in the building and manage to cut down 5/6 of them but not before the Hammerers are all killed and the Wild Riders charge into the flank of the Quarrellers.

End Result - A massive Wood Elf Victory 23-2

Tournament Review?
Two big losses on the last day were a bad way to finish the tournament especially when the last of those was due to terrible decision making on my part (as well as the good generalship of my opponent). Losing when you are outplayed is one thing, but being outplayed and also being STUPID is something else.

Still as far as my 2nd ever tournament experience went this was absolutely fantastic. I had brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I played more games in 2 days then I had in the previous 2 months and learned a lot from my experience, my opponents and from watching other games. The other players were great and the atmosphere was very friendly. To anyone who hasn't tried a tournament yet you simply have to as it is more than worth it. Which is why I am entering HORNED RAT II in July as well as Call to Arms in August this year - with my Dwarfs.

On one bright note I did it the 3rd best score for painting which was pretty cool, the Wood Elves finished 1st and 2nd and I was 2pts behind. 7 loses in 7 games sucks, but of those loses 3-4 were pretty close and there were at least 2 games that I should have won, and could have if I had played better. Probably the only thing I wasn't happy about was my low comp score of 42/100 which reflected my low number of core troops - although 1 unit of Longbeards and 2 of Quarrellers isn't that low Dwarf wise. Both Dwarf players got hit badly with this scoring and to me it seems somewhat unbalanced given the range of options available to other armies. Outside of taking nothing but Warriors it would be difficult to get a good comp score as a Dwarf and field a workable army.


Darth Weasel said...

well done on the painting front and enjoying it. Am always nervous about tournament settings because in other games we have played it has led to super-armies instead of fun ones. But things sound a bit better over the pond there which is a good thing indeed.

John said...

Thanks Darth. The Comp and Tier system is designed to penalise people for bringing chessy maxed out armies. However, it can hurt ppl when it prevents you from playing to your armies strengths i.e., Dwarf Gunlines get pinged as do magic heavy Vampires

Neil said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the tournanment. I didn't realise it was only your second. The more you play the better you get.
The comp system was experimental. For those reading you received 100% comp if your army contained 50% core troops and dropped off for each % below.
When I saw your and the other Dwarf players comp scores I considered dropping the comp % and raising the battle %. However, the system was notified well ahead of time and the army template even calcualted your comp score for you. One big advantage of the comp syatem was that you knew your comp score before the competition and you were completely in control of it. Playing the extra round as we did, did have the effect of softening the comp element and increasing the battle element anyhow as it turned out.
Great battle reports BTW. I love your maps.

John said...

Thanks Neil - yeah only my 2nd, ive only been playing WHFB for 18 months now. Link to map creating site is on left hand side of blog...