June 19, 2009

Warmachine Battle Reports [Menoth vs. Khador & Circle]

An underwhelming but enjoyable return to Menoth, or
Burn Baby Burn!!!

Played two games of Warmachine last night, my first in at least 5-6 months since our local campaign ended a while back. Was meant to play Rob but unfortunately he couldn't make it until late so I ended up taking on Toshi's Khador instead in a 350pt game and then Toshi and Richards Circle in a 750pt match. For first game Toshi very sportingly told me that my Zealots would be useless as he was well protected against missle fire (wind wall or something) so I swapped them out for a unit of Exemplars. For my first game in a long time this ended really really quickly. Toshi moved, I moved, Toshi moved, I moved, Toshi charged and whamo Feora was toast. Game over in about 15 minutes.

750pts of Menoth deployed

Game 2 was a better 750pt match up with Richard adding 400pts of Circle to Toshi's 350pt Khador and me fleshing out my Menoth with an additional caster (Kreoss) and some more Jacks. Two casters is against the rules in 750pts but we fudged it to make the game more balanced. In the end Feora was killed by Circle as were about half of my army but it was a lot closer than the result suggested. I was mismanaging my units/models and not activating them in the best order necessary to maximise the synergy Menoth is famed for. Knights Exemplar were brutal 3 of them charged a Khador Berserker and left it with 2 damage points. Seneschals got taken out before they could do anything, still not using them properly. If I had activated my units better and worked out my combinations properly I could have won that game. Had Khador retreating in the first few turns from the Seneschals, Exemplars and Kreoss which left Feora free to burn Circle. Just a few bad decisions on my part and some smart play by Richard and Toshi cost me in the end.

Still a very very enjoyable return to the world of Warmachine, going to have to fight hard not to stop painting and playing Warhammer now.... still so much painting to do...

Pictures courtesy of Toshi at [Karchev the Terrible] more pictures and a fuller battle report on his blog

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Binz said...

Ah, the neverending list of unpainted models... Im still going on my cryx, almost finished eGaspy now.

looks like the second picture is broken too btw.

Was a good close game, the 750, i had to back off to stop Vlad getting impaled by rampaging Knights Exemplar, probably kept me from winning the game right there.