June 29, 2009

Warmachine Battle Reports [Menoth vs. Mercenaries]

Burn baby burn - Menoth marches again
750 & 350pts

Two battles last Thursday with my Menoth taking on Richard's Mercenary army. In both battles Richard went with a Jack heavy mercenary force to support a non-epic warcaster. I took the usual Menoth infantry dominated lists. Both games were highly enjoyable and I have to admit it was good to get back into Warmachine again after such a long absence. I did have to give myself a severe talking to though as I began to seriously contemplate paint stripping and repainting my entire Menoth collection.... *sigh*... so much to do.

Game 1 - 750pts
Feora came out for this battle, part of my efforts to use the same casters continuously to develop my tactics with them. Can't remember Richard's army list off hand but it contained about 4 light and 4 heavy Warjacks. Up against that I took (from my rusty memory):

Feora (non-epic as I like her feat better)
Rhoven + Bodyguard
Zealots (6) + Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar (6)
Temple Flameguard (10)
Rupert Cavalo

Basic plan was for the TFG to Shield Wall in front of Feora while the Zealots and Exemplars rushed round either flank. The terrain set up favoured me a fair bit with the middle of the board dominated by two large fences extending from either edge and a small forest off centre. This meant I could safely position my infantry line in the clear ground between the two fences and have the forest to their front. Any Merc forces advancing toward me would have to funnel through narrow gaps on my right or left exposing themselves to the Exemplars or Zealots. Alternatively they could come through the forest which not only blocked LOS to my units, but also made Rupert Cavalo extremely important with his ability to give units Pathfinder. In a slight change I positioned both Crusaders on Feoras left and had them advance ahead of the main battle line.

Initial turns saw both armies advance toward eachother trying to gain the best position. Given my faster movement and the benefit of LOS blocking terrain I ran my entire army forward to occupy the key centre part of the battlefield. The Zealots took up position behind one fence with the Crusaders guarding the left hand gap. The TFGuard took the centre with Rhoven guarding the right hand gap. Only the Exemplars marched right forward attempting to get around the flank of Richards forces. Richards army split in two with the majority of his Jacks heading to my left toward the Zealots and the Crusaders, only a couple of light jacks headed off to my right toward my Exemplars. The initial combats were light some sporadic missle fire from Richard before his Jacks charged my Crusaders and the Exemplars. With his main units locked into combat or stuck behind terrain the remaining Zealots swooped around his right flank. With his caster exposed in the open behind the central forest the TFGuard and Rhoven were now set to advance through it with the aid of Ruperts Pathfinder Song. In the end it was unnecessary, magic from Feora's Hex Hammer spell saw the Mercenary caster take several damage points as he used focus. The Zealots then rushed in after Doc Killingsworth knoced the Merc caster down while healing him and blew him to pieces while he lay helpless on the ground.


Game 2 - 350 pts
Took my Pop n Drop Kreoss list in this game, up against yet another Jack heavy Mercenary list. Army for 350pts was still pretty big though and contained:

Fire of Salvation
Paladin Order of Wall
Deliverers (7)
Knights Exemplar (6)

Same terrain set up as before but this time rather than advance I hung back setting up the Deliverers and the Redeemer next to Kreoss just waiting for his units to appear and get knocked down by his feat. Only the Fire of Salavation and the Knights Exemplar marched forward. Some good spell casting from Richard saw both of these units get stuck, with the Exemplars losing 5 of 6 models, but in return they did some serious damage on the Mercenary forces. Paladin Order of the Wall hung around in front of Kreoss blocking any charges in his direction, while the remainder of the Mercenary force swung through the right hand gap heading toward Kreoss and my missle line.

Next few turns saw the Deliverers, the Redeemer and Kreoss pound the crap out of the Mercenary Warjacks but unable to damage his caster. Paladin Order of the Wall charged the Mercenary caster wounding him badly and reducing him to 3 damage points. Kreoss in turn was charged by a Heavy Mercenary Warjack which proceeded to do a modicum damage on him before Kreoss squashed it into a pile of scrap metal. While this was immensely satisfying it turned out to be a mistake as next round the Merc Caster charged Kreoss and using all 7 of his Focus just, and I mean just, managed to kill him. If I had left the severly disabled Merc Warjack in combat with Kreoss it couldnt have damaged him and my other units would have been free to finish off the Merc caster, who would not have had LOS to charge Kreoss. As it was I made the mistake and dispite destroying most of the Merc army for very few losses of my own, the Unit of Exemplars, Paladin and 2 Deliverers the Merc's won with the caster kill.


Final Thoughts
Two very enjoyable games, the 350pt one was definately the most fun to play as it involved a lot of tactical movement and came right down to the wire. The Paladin was only a bad dice roll away from killing the Merc caster, who himself used a couple of good dice rolls and some good focus management to kill Kreoss. In the 750pt game the battle was constrained by terrain to some degree, but thats Warmachine, and my superior numbers would have dealt to the Merc's in the end. Both lists worked pretty well too so I think Ill take them as standard from now on.

Warhammer Fantasy at the club this week though my Horned Rat II Dwarf List up against Vampire Counts - Caleb will be borrowing mine for the match. Horned Rat is now two weeks away....

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