July 14, 2009

Should I change my tournament army list?

How did the Stumpies go at Horned Rat 2

Had an extra day to think over my recent tournament experience and have been mulling over what changes I could or should make to my Dwarf army list. Overall, it was pretty similar to the one I used at NICON but minus the Gyrocopter and with an extra Hero and Warrior unit.

Unit reviews

A great unit which proved pretty effective in most games. The RO Battle proved to be a nasty surprise for most of my opponents especially when I stuck the BSB with them. Only real issue is the points cost of the unit - it was the most expensive in my army at 363pts and hence (in a full open list environment) came under intense attack. Lack of stubborn also meant I had to keep them close to the General. However, the immunity to panic was just outstanding and essentially negated enemy shooting for most games I played.

Possible changes - a smaller unit of say 18-20 rather than 23-25?

Love these guys they worked well throughout the game and the Stubborn ability was just awesome. Having two units meant my opponents weren't sure which one was going to the Lord.

This small unit of 10 was a late addition I made on the advice of another Dwarf player from NICON (Ken) and it worked damn well. In nearly every game I had fewer units to deploy than my opponent and this small one gave me some ability to protect my flanks or rear, and a modicum of tactical flexibility.

Possible changes - up US to 12 and look at including two units rather than 1 in the army.

Still better than Thunderers, the 30" range means you effectively get an extra round of shooting in. Two units work well as I can keep one close to my warmachines and put one out on its own.

Possible changes - they definitely need Musicians, in game against Empire I would have forced at least one leadership check on my opponent if a Musician had been included. Maybe go with 1 unit of 12-15 rather than 2 of 10? Not sure?


Organ Gun
Just brilliant. 24" range is a handicap as it means I have to wait for enemy to move, and the inability to include an Engineer can cost you when the machine is charged (having that extra body frequently lets you hang on for one more round). Only misfired once during the tournament and took out a number of key units.

Possible changes - add another one?

Where do I start? Damn things either worked or didn't. They are great as you can take two S6/7 weapons with a 48" range for the same cost as a single Cannon (w. RO Forging & Eng) or Grudgethrower (w. RO Accuracy & Eng). But unlike the Organ Gun they miss A LOT.

Definite change - drop one or both and invest in another Organ Gun or bring back the Gyro


Choppy Choppy Lord
MR Flight was an experiment that didn't really pay off, otherwise he worked well. Remembered to challenge him at right times although will avoid Tomb King Generals next time.

Definate change - MR Flight is out and MR Kragg Grimm or MR Swiftness is in

Extra Thane
Worked a treat he hacked through a lot of units when my opponents failed to see him next to my BSB. Most saw the Runesmith, the Lord and BSB and forgot about the 4th guy even though they knew he was there (because of the open list and because I showed them).

No change here

Sucks not being able to give him any protection as 4+ AS with a magic banner just doesn't cut it. MR Grungi worked really well but I think it would be better with a unit Standard bearer this would allow me to put nastier runes on the BSB.

Possible change - drop MR Grungi on banner and put on MR Fear & maybe Strollaz?

Final thoughts
The army worked pretty well but suffered from two big problems (1) too many points sunk into just 3 big infantry blocks, and (2) not enough units when it came to deployment. Big infantry units are great but with RO Stoicism I could afford to reduce them in size to 16-18 rather than 18-25 and include 1-2 more units of 10+ Warriors.


Randroid said...

The BT and Organ Gun serve very different purposes in a Dwarf list. I think your use of them on an extreme flank is a good way to use them, and it is nice to have a threat to Dragons/Large Targets/High T enemies. They are cheap and useful, I wouldn't drop them. Are you running them with Engineers? If not ... why?

I am in the minority (and not really a Dwarf player) but I think small units of Dwarfs can actually work (like your block of 10). They make good speed bumps and can slow down a fast flank advance. Since you have to take one unit to get Longbeards I think the way you have them in a small unit is a plus.

Is this list 2000 or 2250?

John said...

List is 2250 and I always take Engineers with BT as it gives you BS4 which pretty much means you hit everything on 3's

I agree with you about the small blocks, currently working on different versions of list to include more of them

Randroid said...

You seem to have a lot of points sunk in characters for your big units as well. Do you find these are worth it? Dwarfs always seem to be more troop-centric in my experience.

My favorite dwarf tactic is the "stubborn squeeze".

John said...

I agree with you about the hero points sink. I am still struggling with how to include more infantry (another problem is I only have 50 warrior models - sold another 60 odd a few weeks back). The extra Thane worked really well and is a keeper. Taking a Lord is important as it gives you the ability to take an extra unit of Longbeards and make a unit of Hammerers Immune to F&T. Only query is points sink on the unprotected BSB

M said...

I was under the impression that the current thinking on Dwarfs is that they need the static combat res. Reducing any of your troop blocks could open them up to being taken apart piecemeal.

Unless you are going to use your smaller units to redirect and maybe grab a table quarter you are better sticking with the solid blocks. Perhaps reducing the size of your units may have the bonus effect of diminishing the perceived threat. At the moment the large units while resilient will attract a lot of focus - by pairing them back slightly you can possibly split the focus.

It's a fine line though.

Good Luck.