July 20, 2009

Fighting Dwarfs with my High Elves

Had an enjoyable match against Adam's Dwarfs last week with my High Elves. Always fun playing against him and against Dwarfs as it makes for an intriguing cat and mouse type battle. High Elf list was what I would take to Call to Arms (if I could everything repainted in time).

Archmage Lvl4
w. Folraiths, Dispel, Silver Wand
Mage Lvl 2
w. Dispel, Jewel of Dusk
Noble BSB
w. Armour of Caledor, Amulet of Light, GW
Spears x20
w. FC, Lion Banner
Spears x20
w. FC
Archers x10
Phoenix Guard x18
Swordmasters x9
Swordmasters x9
w. FC, Gem of Courage, War Banner
Dragon Princes x5
Bolt-Thrower x2
Shadow Warriors x5

Facing them was an impressive array of Stumpy goodness:

Choppy choppy Lord (not on Shieldbearers)
Warriors x20
Longbeards x20
Rangers x12
Thunderers x10
Slayers x10
Warriors x15
Miners x10

Deployment was interesting we both had hills, but I had a forest whereas Adam had a 2-storey building in our respective deployment zones. Adam deployed and started first following his usual trick of sticking the Runesmith and Rangers in the building and BT on the hill with supporting Thunderers. Big Warrior units went in the middle between the hill and the building while a smaller unit of Warriors and the Slayers went on his left flank. I deployed my Spears and PG directly opposite his main line with the SM behind them. Archers on the right flank with DP and a single RBT. Second RBT and SW went into forest on my left.

Turns 1 - 3
These consisted of a lot of maneouvuring, and the Stone-Thrower misfiring and blowing up in Turn 1. Lucky for me it did otherwise it would have shredded my guys before they got into combat. Both lines rushed forward although I deliberately kept out of 6" to give myself the first charge, despite ASF. The DP swept around the Dwarven flank only to be march blocked by the damn Slayers and the PG began to angle off to the right to attack them and the small block of warriors that were with them. Shooting took down a few Spears but concentrated on the PG who lost a few bodies. HE shooting focused on the BT and Thunderers as did HE magic both of which whittled them down pretty good. Charges went in only on one flank with the PG attacking a group of Warriors. These were beaten in combat and overrun, leaving the PG flank open to the Slayers who duly rushed in.

Turns 4 - 5
More charges here, Spears into Warriors and Longbeards and Swordmasters around sides to threaten Dwarven flanks. More Dwarf shooting though whittled both SM units down and that damn Gyro fluttered around getting in the way redirecting my charge lanes. Dwarven Warriors proved too tough for the Spears, who thanks to the Gyro and Dwarf shooting got no flanking help from the Swordmasters. Both units of Spears fled in different turns, both eventually rallied (luckily for me) and returned to the fight but not before one was cut down to under half strength. S3 spears vs. T4 Dwarfs produced 15 attacks in each round usually for about 4 saved wounds overall. Only the BSB with his GW seemed to make any inroads and he missed more than he hit. Magic continued to be a big factor in my favour until that is my Archmage miscast and blew himself up in Turn 4, leaving my Level 2 all alone. He though at least managed to wipe out the Bolt-Thrower with Burning Head, which he also used effectively on the other Dwarven units. The Miners also popped up now and threatened my PG who were completely incapable of killing a bunch of unarmoured Slayers *GRRR*, but they were chased off by the DPrinces who had been stuck on one flank almost the entire game - damn Slayers.

Turns 6
The game was pretty even at this point, although the death of my Archmage at 435 pts (inc. 100 for being the General) was swinging things Adam's way. Final turns saw my troops either rally or remain still too weak, or too far away to charge. The PG still couldn't kill off the Slayers and only the DP did anything useful running down the Miners.

Final Result - A solid Draw with about 100pts between us

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Darth Weasel said...

My favorite type of result. Usually means a fun game where both people got to do some damage. Hoping for something like it Saturday.