July 16, 2009

Found more Dwarf Warriors

Some easy conversion work last night. Realised I had 3 units of Quarrellers, one of which I never really used. So I simply ripped their arms off (gently mind you) and replaced the crossbows with some spare Warrior arms holding Hammers and Axes from my bitz box. End result a brand new unit of 10 Warriors meaning I can now field 60 rather than 50.

Also gave them some Chaos Marauder shields (pics up tomorrow) just to see what they would look like, and they actually look pretty good. Shields are twice as big as standard Dwarf ones, don't have flat surface to paint runes on but I like the look. Going to have to hunt out some more from the local Chaos players and convert the rest of the army now.

1st newly painted HE Spear unit also nearing completion...

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Joel said...


Thought you might be interested in a rare dawi model.