July 1, 2009

New look High Elves taking shape

Latest additions to High Elf Army
Mounted BSB and Noble with GW

Been working on these guys over last week in between finishing up my new Spear Elf Regiment. Overall the new colour scheme is working really well and I have followed my Dwarf army idea and have given (or will be giving) all of my units standard icons on their banners and shields. I had started that process already with the Elves but it was haphazard to say the least and didn't look that great. Camera work still fuzzy, really need a new one.

Particularly happy with the Battle Standard which came out better than I thought it would. Thanks to my wife for emphasizing the need for flames at the base of the Phoenix. Currently working on his shield which has the same pattern on it as the banner, but that is going to take me a while.


M said...

Looking Good John. I like the scheme you are working with.

Sigmar said...

That's a steady hand you have there John.

Are the standards drawn or painted. Whatever the case they're looking pretty neat.

With regards to the camera, try getting more light behind the minis. The absolute best way to photo them is in sunlight (in my very amateurish opinion !)

It saves having to try to move lamps around into the best position while trying to avoid any glare.

Sunlight just seems to give them a nice bright and fresh feel too, irrespective of the camera resolution.

You're doing a lot better than me with the painting, I haven't started my latest batch for the competition yet ! Still, The Ashes cricket is about to start and I have 2 days off work in front of the telly with said minis and a paint brush so hopefully things will sart to come along soon :)

All the best,

John said...

Thank you guys I really appreciate the feedback

@M - I have to admit I adopted the scheme as I found it easier to do highlighting & shading with purples than with the traditional elven blues. :) I use it on my Warmachine stuff as well

@Sigmar - Ill try those photo ideas mate. And yeah its all free hand got myself a nice fine brush and take my time. Looking forward to the Ashes as well we're getting the whole series live in New Zealand going to be compulsory watching.