July 27, 2009

Playing Vampire Counts at 2,250pts

First large game with Vampire Counts last week against Dark Elves ending in a Solid Victory for me. Would like to write a full battle report but really can't remember the key details as I was focusing too much on using the army properly (pictures up tomorrow though). First impressions is that it is going to take many more games to get comfortable using Vampire Counts and even more to begin using them effectively. Dwarfs are relatively easy, march forward, shoot everything your marching at till you get there, once there stomp on them and win. Vampires are trickier and the list I put together didn't help as it was overloaded with magic and I was struggling to get my head around the spells, surprising really considering I tend to go with magic heavy High Elves when I use them.

Basic thoughts on my first large Vampire Counts experience.
Next time I use them I will be sticking to a standard tournament type list with a restricted PD pool and limited bound items. Going with a maximum of 3 characters will also let me get to grips better with the magic phase.

Vampire Lord and Heroes worked pretty well overall even though I forgot to use my bound items properly and was getting confused with the spells, despite only using a single lore. Necromancer was a good addition on the Corpse Cart and will keep him as standard from now on, gives me a reason to finish painting him to.

Core Units
Ok, having never played a large ITP army before I forgot half of the rules and kept treating them like standard infantry units that ran away from effective shooting etc completely forgetting that ITP means immunity to pysch and undead means your immune to (pretty much) everything.

Skeletons work well, but I can see why people take Ghouls. Giving them WS7 from Helm of Commandment was fun but even more fun on Zombies. As for Zombies they are excellent for getting in the way of people. Dire Wolves are also useful but it will take time to learn how to use their fast cavalry ability properly, a lot of lessons from Caleb to digest here.

Special Units
Grave Guard, would have been great if I had gotten them into combat sooner. Black Knights work well, not taking Barding doesn't detract from them at all as you can raise the unit back up again. Fell Bats are fine as well and particularly useful for taking out war machines although I think I threw mine away too quickly.

Rare Units
The Wraiths and Banshee are fun to play but you shouldn't charge them into big units. While mine succeeded in tying down a large block of Dark Elf infantry for the entire game all they did was lose on CR each round and die slowly for 5 turns. Not the best use for them.

Still playing VC did get me interested in painting them again - started on a unit of Dire Wolves and Crypt Ghouls over the weekend. Aim to have them finished this week, pictures up soon. Call to Arms is now only 3 weeks away looking forward to it.


Randroid said...

Glad to hear your first game out with the list was a victory! Personally I don't find VC that difficult but it may be coming from a sub-par army like Ogres that does that for me. The biggest change for me has been the ItP meaning I can't bait and flee.

I think a focus on one type of Core troop is the key to real success with VC. Splitting up Skeletons, Zombies, and Ghouls just waters down your ability to raise and IoN them back.

Darth Weasel said...

Solid thoughts and like the end result. However, be careful about watering down their PD too much...the VC unlive and undie by their Magic phase. They are so easy (outside of Wraiths and Blood Knights) to kill that you really, really rely on bringing them back again and again and again and again...

and again

John said...

Thanks for feedback guys. I agree with you Randroid in that cutting down on unit types would help. Most VC armies I see have at most 3 maybe 4 units, typically Ghouls, Wraiths, Bats and a Varghulf.

However, I basically fielded everything I had :) have to work on getting more stuff

I take your point about the PD DD issue to Darth, still working on getting the balance right.