July 16, 2009

Revised Dwarf tournament list

Did some deliberating over last couple of days, got feedback from comments on this blog and from various forums and have come up with the following modified tournament list. It brings back my Gyrocopter, keeps a strong shooting element and retains the big infantry blocks.

w. Shieldbearers, GW, MR Kragg Grimm, RO Fire, RO Furnace, RO Warding, RO Resistance, RO Stone

Gives him 4 S6 flaming attacks, and the usual 0+ rerollable AS + MR1

w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2, RO Furnace, RO Stone, RO Fire

Thane BSB
w. MR Gromil, RO Cleaving, RO Furnace

Dropping MR Grungi means I can keep this guy protected and take 100+ pts from 4th Hero and put them into infantry

Longbeards x20
w. FC, RO Stoicism, RO Battle

Longbeards x20
w. FC, MR Grungi

MR Grungi hasn't gone completely, putting it with Longbeards means it will stick around more as it is with a unit that doesnt panic.

Warriors x10
w. Shields, Musician

Warriors x10
w. Shields, Musician

Thought about a single unit of 20, but this way I have a couple of nice flanking and support units. Musicians mean they will stick around a bit longer.

Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician

Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician

Hammerers x17
w. FC, RO Stoicism

Only one unit now as I wanted an infantry block to carry the MR Grungi and reasoned it would be better with a non-panicing unit. Would prefer to have 20 models in it but can't fit the points in. Small unit will become a missle magnet but MR Grungi in LB should help protect it and RO Stoicism means it starts at US 40 with the Lord and will only drop to US 22 once at half strength (8 Hammers + US 3 Lord = US 22)

w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Penetrating

Had to agree with Randroid and keep at least one BT at S7, other changes also meant I could give Engineer BOP for stand and shooting

Organ Gun


Makes a welcome return


Now I just have to figure out a decent 2,250 pt list for my High Elves that will allow me to take a survivable Dragon mounted mage. Also made decision that I will be playing Dwarves at Call to Arms not High Elves. Must be the masochist in me

Ironically I am playing my High Elves against Adam's Dwarfs at the Club tonight, should be fun


Randroid said...

Looks like a solid list. Interested to see how the 10 man units of Warriors work out.

I think the Hammerers are okay. I would run them 6 wide to max out your attacks so 17 works for this.

All of your characters have flaming attacks which is nice for regen but seems a little paranoid. Depends what you face but I might be tempted to mix it up a little. Maybe drop on the Runesmith?

John said...

I agree I always run them six wide as well. Flaming attacks are also a cheap 5pt way of creating a magical weapon to take on Ethereal units like Banshees.

Randroid said...

Yeah I thought about that after my post. I say go for it! This looks like a nice balanced list.

Joel said...

+ the flaming attacks, 20 quarrellers and s7 BT = death to Treemen :(

nice combat orientated list :)

The 2 units of 10 warriors is a good idea. Just 1 unit @ NICON was enough to cause problems, so 2 units = 2 flanking units + extra placement units to draw out the important stuff.

John said...

Cheers for feedback guys, going to be playtesting over next couple of weeks. But this looks pretty well set as what I am going to take... although might swap 2nd LB for a 2nd unit of Hammerers