July 8, 2009

Tournament time again & 1500pts tomorrow

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to HORNED RAT I go
The Slayers make another appearance

Only three days until my third ever WHFB tournament and I am really looking forward to it. Firstly because the two previous events I attended were a hell of a lot of fun, and secondly because it is the perfect way to spend my last weekend before the new semester starts and I begin teaching again. Still not sure how my list is going to go, think I am going to miss the Gyrocopter, but then again having that WS vs. Missle fire is going to be really handy. All depends on how I position my characters something I haven't given much thought to in previous games.

Match against Vampires last week was only chance to play test my tournament list, and I won't be testing it at the club this week as I have a 1,500 pt game lined up against one of our new club members Orcs & Goblin army.

Taken me quite a while to work out a 1,500 pt list I was happy with as I've only played 750 or 2,250 pt games for last few months but I got there in the end. Bringing out the Slayers for the first time in at least 7-8 months as well. List for tomorrows club match is:

Dwarfs @ 1,500pts

Thane 162 pts (w. Longbeards)
w. Oath Stone, Shield, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Cleaving x2, RO Fire

General with 2+ rerollable AS, and 3 flaming attacks at S6. Two RO Cleaving on Handweapon mean I still get the hand weapon and shield bonus, so effective AS is 1+. There is some debate over this matter but the army book clearly states that Runic Weapons become 'Hand Weapons' consequently the bonus still applies, despite what you may read on Bugmans.

Thane 180 pts (w. Warriors)
w. MR Gromil, RO Cleaving, RO Fury, Battle Standard, Oath Stone

BSB has 1+ AS, and 4 x WS6 attacks at S5

Oath Stones give me MR 1 on both large units negating need for Runesmith, and effectively giving me a bonus dice to cover the other units.

Longbeards x25 375 pts
w. FC, Shields, RO Battle, RO Stoicism

Starting CR of 6 w. Banner, War Banner, 3 ranks and outnumber

Warriors x25 250pts
w. FC, Shields

Quarrellers x12 144pts
w. Shields

Having 12 means I can rank them up and get at least +1 CR before they are charged. Opted not to carry a standard as I generally expect these guys to die and its just giving away 100 pts.

Troll Slayers x10 110pts

Cannon 130pts
w. Engineer, RO Forging

Gyrocopter 140pts

TOTAL 1,491 pts

I am going to be outnumbered so went with big blocks of infantry. Left out Hammerers which I tend to always take just for a change and opted for a Cannon which I haven't done in a while. Bolt-Throwers are cheaper and I could have taken two but the 60" range on the Cannon means I can set it up on a table corner and still hit 85-90% of the board.

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