July 20, 2009

Vampire Counts 2,250pt Army List

Worked out a basic 2,250 pt army list for my VC based on the models I currently own. Treated them like my HE in that I took a basic Lvl 4 + Lvl 2 Mage set up with an accompanying Hero BSB, although with an extra Hero choice in as well. Vampires extra abilities also mean I can go really magic heavy without being too cheesy.

VC List for friendly match on Thursday

Lord Level 4 385 pts
w. Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Commandment, Book of Arkhan, Avatar of Death

Basically Ill sit this guy behind my infantry units and use him to pump up the Skeleton block and advance it with Book of Arkhan or Vampire Lore.

Vampire BSB Level 2 - 215 pts
w. Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Rod of Flaming Death

Ok, its a boring combo Dark Acolyte & Avatar of Death but I get HA + Shield + 1 mage level for that price which is all I want. Rod of Flaming Death also means I can soak up more of my opponents DD.

Vampire Level 1 - 180 pts
w. Dread Knight, Walking Death, Skabscrath

Goes with unit of Black Knights to be my nasty Terror causing (from Skabscrath) hammer unit

Necomancer - 180 pts
w. One spell, Sceptre de Noirot, Corpse Cart w. Balefire

Just had to take my Corpse Cart, and thought why not include a Necro. Will give him raise dead and let him chuck Zombies out everywhere.

Skeletons x 28 - 297 pts
w. FC, Spears, Shields, Banner of Endless Nightmare

Banner gives them +4 for ranks rather than +3, big blobby unit in middle with Zombies either side.

Zombies x20 - 84 pts
w. MU

(Dwarf) Zombies x20 - 84 pts
w. MU

Grave Guard x10 - 175 pts
w. FC, Banner of Dead Legion

Banner gives them double US, would like to take more but I only have 10 models and hate proxying stuff.

Black Knights x8 - 304 pts
w. FC, Barding, Screaming Banner

Banner is nasty one causing enemy to take fear tests on 3 dice and discards the lowest. Means they are either going to break after I defeat them in CR, will need 6's to hit me, or won't be able to charge me. That and the mounted Vampire with them causes Terror means most units will run away from them.

Fell Bats x4 - 80 pts

Only just stuck these guys together so should be fun to use them.

Cairn Wraiths x 4 - 225 pts
w. Banshee

A must have, and I get to use my alternate model from ReaperMini

Dire Wolves x5

TOTAL POINTS 2,249 - PD 10 + 3 bounds, DD 7


Randroid said...

Interesting list.

I would be a bit worried about your lord. He doesn't have much to keep him alive and one flying unit could tie him up and/or kill him on turn 2.

Why not drop a few Skeletons and use them to proxy a few more Grave Guard?

Also noticed you have taken Lord of the Dead but your skellie unit is quite large. I would drop it down to 20 or 25 for starters - you will need the models as you make the unit bigger.

I don't think the Barding is worth it on Black Knights. If they die you can just IoN them back on your turn, and that is points you could spend elsewhere.

The Screaming banner is okay but with the number of ItP and Fear causing units out there it really loses its punch. Why not Banner of the Barrows for that extra to hit bonus?

So many options ...

John said...

Thanks for the ideas Randroid they are very helpful, ill make some adjustments to my list

Brett said...

Nice all-round army, however some serious ajustments needed:

a) Your vampire lord is your strongest model. Never leave him out of combats and get him stuck in there fighting.

e.g. Vampire Lord (205)
Magic Level 4 (50)

Master of the Black Arts (50)
Infinite Hatred (25)
Walking Death (25)

Flayed Hauberk (25)
Blood Drinker (40)
Book of Arkhan (35)

455 pts

Yes, he is a little more expensive, but now has the abilities to do some damage and still be a deadly mage. I suggest letting him lead the Grave Guard and consistantly restore there wounds through "blood drinker".

b) Never lead your Black Knights with a vampire. If you wish him to have Dread Knight, put him with the Blood knights.

Wight King (75)
Skeletal Steed (15)
Barding (5)
Sword of Kings (25)

120 pts

This is a cut-throat model that would be a perfect replacement for your vampire. He has a good armour save, fear would be enough (though just replace his sword for "skabscrath" if you want) and is a murderer in challenges. He is cheaper and still gives your skeletal steeds their movement ability - don't take that away.

c) If you want you necromancer too do the things stated, give him unholy lodestone instead for raising zombies. Also give him all three spells, so that he can raise zombies in good places (and take table quarters with them) and keep the army moving.

d) Skeleton unit is way too big. 15 models maximum if it is being led by a hero. Skeletons can not fight off many units and will probably get butchered so ranks and banner = useless.

15 Skeletons (120)
Command (20)
Spears (15)
Banner of dead legion (25)

180 pts

e) 15 Grave Guard is better, 10 is okay. Give them Great Weapons always and keep the corpse cart nearby to allow them to strike first - deadly combo.

Banner of barrows is much better and helps characters that join (hit 2+, wound 2+ if have great weapon vampire, -3 armour save) - that is lethal.

Command as well.

f) Fell Bats? It depends who you are going against, but i usually prefer spirit host, raising zombies or dire wolves. I don't really like fell bats, but its up to you, they may serve there purpose as archer/war machine killers.

Overall, a very, very good army. Not much wrong with it, just some minor changes.

Have you considered a standard bearer? They are very importanat. And some units may be better with a cheap war banner.

Konrad is also very good, consider him. And Varghulf can hold the flank easily with a little aid from zombie flank charge (+4-6 CR)

Hope this helps,