July 28, 2009

VC DIre Wolves unit completed & other WIP

Have a number of projects on the go at the moment principle among them is the re-painting of my High Elf army. However, I took a detour over the past 3 nights to complete my first (of 2) units of VC Dire Wolves. Painting process was easier than I thought once I had colour scheme worked out, and once again those Citadel washes were magic. Very happy with finished look.

Skulls are Deneb Stone undercoat followed by Ogre Flesh Wash, highlights of Deneb Stone and Bleached Bone, another thinner layer of Mud Wash and some light dry brushing of Skull White. The Deneb Stone followed by Ogre Flesh wash looked awesome and I wish I had used it on my Skeletons as it really gave them a fantastic dead look with minimal effort.

Main torsos began with undercoat of Scorched Brown followed by alternating layers of Bestial Brown, Mud Wash, touch ups of Bestial Brown, layer of Vomit Brown and another layer of Sepia Wash and Mud Wash. Basically with each layer of paint I just covered a smaller area leaving the edges of each painted section in the darker colour.

Flesh and tendons followed same process I used on some of my Zombies. Scab Red primary colour followed by Red Ink, then Tentacle Pink on raised areas, highlights of Skull White and then washes of Badab Black, Red Wash (this is duller than Red Ink) and a bit of Ogre Flesh. Retouches of key colours in between each set of washes help with depth.
Final elements were the tails and manes which were Dark or Stone Grey (sorry can't recall exact name now, its a dark charcoal looking colour), followed by Blue Wash, then drybrushing of alternate layers of Fortress Grey and Codex Grey. Had used some highlights of Skull White but they made areas look to bright so I painted over them with Codex Grey. Final touches were couple of layers of Badab Black Wash.

Other projects on the go are a unit of 20xCrypt Ghouls which so far I have only assembled in a kind of diorama format with various Ghouls eating leftover pieces of an Empire unit, and a unit of High Elf Spearmen. These are nearly finished with just one rank to shield up, some minor detailing to do and some drybrushing on the bases to complete.

Emblems on shields are all hand painted and match up across the banners of every unit including Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard and Dragon Princes. White Lions (which arrived the other day) will get a similar symbol and colour scheme.

Base with sand on it was going to be my entry into the BattleReporter Forums painting competition but I completely forgot about it so have kind of missed the deadline.


Randroid said...

I really like the muscles on those Dire wolves - now I know what I will try to achieve when I paint my own!


John said...

Cheers mate - really appreciate your feedback on support of my blog

Philfy said...

Those VC units are looking great John

John said...

Cheers Phil :) Not quite as exciting as Petes but I like em