July 28, 2009

Vampires vs. Dark Elves a pictorial report

Just some random images of my Vampire Counts fighting the Dark Elves last week...

VC Deployment Zombie Dwarfs - Skeletons - Zombies, General & Corpse Cart behind

VC Deployment Zombie Dwarfs & Wraiths

VC Deployment
Black Knights in the trees

Dark Elf Deployment Cold One Chariot & Knights, Warriors & Swordmasters (DE Version anyway)

Dark Elf Deployment Crossbows and RBT on the hill with Sorcerer

Dark Elves take first turn

Zombie Dwarfs hold up DE advance as Wraiths close in

Main VC battleline closes in on whats left of Dwarf Zombies

The grand melee, this lasted about 4-5 rounds

Dark Elf hero challenges the VC BSB and comes within 1 wound of killing him,
unfortunately his accompanying unit was destroyed by Skeletons in the next turn and fled

Meanwhile in the background Black Knights and newly raised Zombies, & Spirit host
charge the Dark Elf missle units on the hill

Remainder of VC army wheels right to chase fleeing remnants of Dark Elf army

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