July 4, 2009

Battle Report [Dwarfs vs. Vampire Counts]

Dwarfs and Dwarf Zombies
2,250 pts Tournament composition lists

Very enjoyable match against Caleb who was using my Vampire Counts at the Club on Thursday, 2250pts using standard Tournament composition rules e.g., PD limits, open lists and minimum core choice requirements.

Dwarf Army
Lord w. Shieldbearers
Longbeards x24
Warriors x10
Quarrellers x10
Quarrellers x10
Hammerers x18
Hammerers x18
Organ Gun

Zombies x20
Dwarf Zombies x20
Skeletons x20
Crypt Ghouls x18
Dire Wolves x5
Dire Wolves x5
Corpse Cart
Black Knights x8

I won sides and elected to avoid the hill which would have formed a nice trap for Calebs 3 Vampires all of whom could fly and opted for the forested side of the board. Standard deployment with infantry units massed on one flank. Only a unit of Quarrellers and a Bolt-Thrower out on their own, although for some strange reason I put the Runesmith with them as well. Small unit of Warriors went to the rear as a small reserve. Vampires deployed in big mass with fast units out on flanks as expected.


Turns 1 - 2
Dwarfs moved first with my only real moves being to advance my battle line slightly. Shooting concentrated on the Dire Wolves killing 3 in one unit and 2 in the other. The Bolt-throwers started by killing a single Black Knight which proved to be their only kill for the next few turns as they were plagued by poor dice rolls. Vampires concentrated on casting Vauls Dance Mabacare to move their line forward. Otherwise Turn 1 was uneventful.

Turn 1

Turn 2 saw the Black Knights march forward toward the exposed Quarrellers but stopped short of charge range [This is one of Calebs favourite tactics, and a good one, rather than charge as soon as he is in range at a missle unit he will advance to a distance that will prevent stand and shoot and then charges next turn]. Vampire infantry rushes forward along with Dire Wolves and my line kind of shuffles forward and then back as I realise I don't have clear strategy in mind for the battle.

Turn 2

Turns 3 - 4
Combat is joined in these turns. I can't get any units in charge range so advance forward angling toward the Vampire General who is stationed behind the main Vampire line among a unit of Zombies. Shooting again proves ineffective and I find that the Organ Gun is badly positioned a tactical problem I am really going to have to resolve as it continues to be consistent problem.

Turn 3

Vampires Turn 3 sees the Skeletons & Ghouls charge my Longbeards, the Black Knights charge and wipe out the Quarrellers, one unit of Dire Wolves fails a charge at one Bolt-Thrower while the other charges successfully only to be wiped out in close combat. The lost of my Quarrellers wouldnt normally be a big deal but with the Runesmith included in them it cost me big. However, the Black Knights overrun exposing their flank to the Bolt-Thrower which successfully repelled the Dire Wolves. In another charge a flying Vampire comes fluttering out of a Zombie unit and charges the Organ Gun, wiping out its crew. Combat between the Longbeards, Ghouls and Skeletons ends in a draw.

Turn 5
Hammerers and Dwarf Lord charge into combat and begin slaughtering Ghouls. Hammerer unit number two though has wheeled to face the flank as the Grave Guard and Black Knights now pose a serious threat to the Longbeards flank. Combat is won by the Dwarfs but only just as the Vampire Generals Helm of Commandment makes the Ghouls extremely tough to hit. The flying Vampire returns to her unit of Zombies as the small Warrior unit advances toward her. On my left Vauls Dance Mabacare (I really am not spelling that right am I) moves the Black Knights, Dire Wolves and Grave Guard are now all nicely positioned to hit encircle the Dwarven infantry in the centre of the field. Bolt-Throwers again fail to score any hits. Close combat sees the Ghouls get wiped out but not the Skeletons so the Longbeards remain locked in combat. The Vampires end Turn 5 with the Black Knights charging the 2nd Hammerer unit, who stubbornly manage to hold on.

Turn 6
[I think I am getting the details right here - Caleb help out if your reading]. So far the battle is a solid draw but a number of events see that change in the final turn. One Bolt-Thrower kills the Corpse Cart that is guarding the Vampire General but the 2nd with a clear shot fails to hit him. The Longbeards continue to chew up Skeletons but are flank charged by the Dancing Grave Guard. The 2nd Hammerer unit is down to 6 or 7 surviving Dwarfs but still holds on against the Black Knights even after the Dire Wolves flank charge it. The small Warrior unit has also joined this combat as has the flying female Vampire from earlier. The end result of all this? The Longbeards lose the combat by 1 I think but are outnumbered by a fear causing enemy, break and run into a unit of Zombies and die when the Grave Guard fail to catch them. The other Hammerer unit holds against the Black Knights, the Warriors kill the Dire Wolves but are wiped out by the flying Vampire.

Final Result - Vampires 950pts / Dwarfs 559pts --> Victory to Vampires

Final Thoughts
An enjoyable battle that I could have won if not for a couple of bad decisions, once again poor deployment cost especially of the Organ Gun and the Runesmith. Having the Longbeards break and flee was a huge blow as the flipped 700pts over to the Vampires. But overall it was the lack of a clear battle plan that cost me as I didn't (unlike Caleb) have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my army.

Next match 1500pts vs. Orcs and Goblins - will be bringing out my High Elves for that one. After that its te Horned Rat Warhammer tournament next weekend where the Dwarf list will get another chance to prove itself --> as will my new dice the old dice after continually throwing nothing but 1's for the last few weeks have been confined to the scrap heap where they belong GRRRRRRRRRR!!! bad evil bad dice GRRRRRRR!!!


Darth Weasel said...

[This is one of Calebs favourite tactics, and a good one, rather than charge as soon as he is in range at a missle unit he will advance to a distance that will prevent stand and shoot and then charges next turn].

I am missing something here. What is the advantage to that? If he charges as soon as in range then the shooters are at a negative 2 most likely: -1 for shooting at over half range and -1 for shooting at chargers. However, when he stops inside of half charge range he is giving up a turn of being shot without either of those modifiers.

Either way he suffers one round of shooting but in one case, the defender faces no negatives to their rolls. Or am I missing something?

Randroid said...

The idea would be to negate their Stand and Shoot by being too close, but in this instance couldn't the Dwarfs have simply shuffled backwards to make up the lost room?

John said...

His Knights had a 2+ AS and were toughness 4 meaning BS 3 Quarrellers would need a 4 to hit them at short range and 4's to wound and they would still have a 3+AS. The bet is that he saves any wound I might get in the extra round of shooting. Also by charging from 2 inches away rather than 16 he guarantees that he will reach me and prevents me from fleeing as a charge reaction.

Quarrellers can't move and shoot so by moving in close he gives me two choices. Either stay in a line and hope to score a couple of wounds on stand and shoot, or rank up and try and give myself at least +1 CR in the upcoming combat.

John said...

10 shots needing 4's and 4's to hit and wound on average you will only ever force 2 AS maybe 3 if you are lucky. On average he would save at least 1 or 2 of those meaning you would be likely to get a wound. Which is why Thunderers and War machines are best for attacking Knights in shooting phase.

The only other alternative I have is to use the Q to shoot as many of his other units as possible before the Knights charge and just accept that they are going to die, otherwise all I will be doing is moving them constantly and never shooting with them.

John said...

oops meant 'lucky to get a wound' NOT likely