July 9, 2009

Army lists for next tournament released

Just got the list of competitors for this weekends Warhammer tournament. Very interesting mix and a much altered one from the last event held in Wellington although it is still dominated by the pointy ears. Armies at the event will be:

Wood Elves - 4
Dark Elves - 3
Vampires - 3
Orcs & Goblins - 3
Daemons of Chaos - 2
Tomb Kings - 2
Empire - 2
Ogres - 1
High Elves - 1
Dwarves - 1 (Just ME!)
Chaos Dwarfs - 1
Lizardmen - 1
Chaos Warriors - 1
Brettonians - 1

My opponents will depend upon the composition scoring but I'd expect to face Orcs and Goblins in the first couple of rounds and possibly Empire. Looking at all of those Wood Elf armies though I am glad I am bringing the MR Grungi with me.

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Joel said...


Look forward to seeing you at Horned Rat. Have fun representing the stumpies!

My army is similar to what I took to Runefang but with a few changes to take into account the appalling lack of forests at Runefang (and Peter is using VC, so I can expect the same lack of forests on the board haha)