July 14, 2009

Tournament results released

Special thanks to Charlie who did such a great job organising and running the tournament. Final results for Horned Rat 2 were:

Overall Placings
1st: Beasts of Chaos
2nd: Vampire Counts
3rd: High Elves
14th: ME :)

Composition Scoring
1st: Ogre Kingdoms
2nd:Beasts of Chaos
3rd: Orcs and Goblins
5th: ME

Click on image below to get full results

And I just realized as well that my win on Day 1 wasn't my first, only my first with my Dwarves as I won one game at Runefang with my High Elves a couple of months back, a win which ironically enough came against a Dwarf army. That brings my tournament record after three attempts to P 17 W 2 L 11 D 4 - so not as bad as I thought.


Randroid said...

Cool! A BoC took the prize.

Congrats on your placement as well. 14th is respectable with Dwarfs, especially against the higher tier armies out there right now.

John said...

Thanks Randroid much appreciated - loving your Ogres btw