July 20, 2009

What the *beep* do you take in a Vampire list

Playing my first big game with my Vampire Counts this Thursday against Ellens Dark Elves. Having only played a couple of smaller games before I am struggling to put together a decent list. Dwarves and High Elves are no problem, but Vampires? Do you go magic heavy or combat heavy, lots of big units, lots of special? How many Heroes doing what, how about a Wight King? I've tried reading the various VC forums, but to be honest there is a limit to how much stuff I can read, follow and enjoy.

So far I am looking at the following with various item combos

Vampire Lord
Vampire BSB
Necromancer on Corpse Cart
Skeletons x15
Skeletons x15
Zombies x20
Dire Wolves x5
Dire Wolves x5
Black Knights x8
Fell Bats x3
Wraiths x4

Maybe some Spirit host? No Varghulf as yet as I don't have one. In other news...

... my High Elf White Lions should arrive from Maelstrom Games sometime in the next fortnight!!!!! Enough for a unit of 12-15!!!!

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