August 19, 2009

CTA 09 Final tournament results out

Final results for latest tournament were just released. Scoring system was:

Battle Points - 40%
Sportsmanship - 20%
Composition - 25%
Presentation - 15%

A score of 16.67/25 for composition is pretty standard for Dwarfs with a good balance between shooting and infantry. I only had 5 DD and 2 Scrolls. My Lord wasn't over the top in terms of protection with a basic 1+ re-rollable AS which compared to Generals in other armies is pretty tame, e.g., Chaos Demons, Chaos Warriors, Wood Elves. I also had nearly 50% of my army points invested in core troops, so I am really not sure where I lost out in this area.

Presentation score of 8/15 is understandable, particularly given the really amazing armies that were on display at the tournament so I am reasonably happy with that. It puts me kind of in the middle which is cool.

Looking over the results though I can't help wonder what a better comp score would have meant for my finishing position. I have more battle points than the armies in 10th and 11th, 14th and 15th, but worse comp scores which seems to be the major reason I finished in 18th not higher. What exactly is a Dwarf player supposed to do???

Mind you what really cost me was my poor decision making in my final game after getting a strong advantage following deployment. That and my general running away and dying in Game 3 giving my opponent a 650pt turnaround in VP. Would have swung the scoring in that game from 9-11 in his favour to maybe 12-8 or 14-6 in mine.


Philfy said...

John, I think we played in the last round? (Phil) - In regards to your comp scores, I think you scored just below a 4/5 on average. (I scored just below 3/5 with my Wood Elves). If it helps, the comp scores were a little "wonky" in some regards (as I have discussed on the Cityguard forum.

I voted you as my best/favourite opponent/sport for the weekend. You really made me think about my game, and how I could possibly crack open your dwarven line.

Hope to play again some day!


Toshi David said...

Look at it this way John, you were the hightest ranked Dwarf player!!!!


Nice work dude, looks like you had fun!

Randroid said...

Ugh. I really don't like comp.

It's silly that your list score so badly on comp - only 3 points away from a DoC list? Please.

Bring a straight gunline next time out. If players are going to ding your list for comp you might as well get something out of it.

John said...

Hi Phil lol I voted for you as well, it was a very very enjoyable game. Still can't beat Wood Elves GRRR damn sneaky pointy ears :)

After making that post I did kind of realise that 4/5 isn't that bad it was just the disappointment of seeing guys with less battle points finishing higher GRRRR!!