August 21, 2009

Dwarfs & High Elves vs. Beastmen

Introduced one of the more experienced members of our club to Warhammer last night. He plays pretty much everything else you can think of but after seeing all of the Warhammer armies at CTA 09 last week decided he wanted to try something different. Of course despite just starting out his 1000pt Beastman army looked amazing as all of his stuff does. Played two games during the night taking our time to discuss tactics etc.

I used my High Elves and then my Dwarfs just to give him a bit of variety against different armies. From memory his list was:

Sorceror Lvl 2
2 Big units of Warrior things
2 Chariots
2 Spawn
3 units of Hounds
1 unit of Centaurs

In Game 1 I was severly outnumbered taking only

Mage Lvl 2
Spear Elves x20
Swordmasters x10
Dragon Princes x5

Game was pretty brutal. The Dwarf Gods punished me for daring to use magic and caused my Mage to miscast in Turn 1 wounding himself and killing 5 Spear Elves. My little 3 unit army was completely surrounded and it wasn't looking good when magic killed another 5 Spear Elves who then promptly ran away. Enter the Swordmasters!!! I did warn Kelly about them, ASF with GW and 2 attacks each but in he went against a single rank of 10 with my GW equipped General. About 10 seconds later his unit of Hounds is decimated and I run into a big unit of Beasts who are also destroyed in the next turn along with his General. Then its into his Mage who is also cut down. While the Swordmasters cut a swath through his army the Dragon Princes got charged by the Chariots and wiped out as did the Spears, my Mage and the Bolt-Thrower by the Centaurs and Hounds. Game ended at an even draw with most of our armies wiped out. Fun 1st game.

Game 2 I took my Dwarfs along

Thane w. MR Swiftness
2 units of Quarrellers
18x Hammerers
10 xSlayers (with 5 Giant Slayers)
Organ Gun

Lots of shooting cut his army down. He was learning how NOT to use his fast hound units as offensive weapons as they got brutalised by the Slayers and Quarrellers (love those guys). Basically I monstered through his entire army losing 7 Slayers, 6 Hammerers and a unit of Quarrellers while Kelly lost his entire army.

Spent next 30 minutes or so discussing various things he could do, how best to use fast cavalry, chariots etc and other nasty ways of winning etc. Very fun night nice and relaxing. Taking my Vampire Counts up against him next week.

Only 10 more weeks of gaming left in the year then its pretty much no more for me for at least 3-6 months as cricket season starts and my 2nd child is due so I am going to have no free time at all post November *sigh* the Joys of Parenthood, already lost my Hobby room to my daughter wonder what will go next?!?

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Darth Weasel said...

always good to introduce someone new to the game. and for them to see the different ways games can go, too.

Good luck with your child, here is hoping for an easy and healthy birth