August 18, 2009

Final Tournament Report - Game 5 & more pictures

Game 5 vs. Wood Elves

I am really starting to dislike Wood Elves just can’t beat the dainty pointy eared little buggers although I have come close on one occasion. At least this time I was up against a different opponent looked like Nick and I were going to be playing each other again. Would have been fun but its always great to play new people which is the whole point of tournaments really.

My opponent Phil (who finished 5th overall in the tournament) had a tree heavy list with a Treeman general and four large units of Dryads all beautifully painted. Completing the list were a couple of units of fear causing fast cavalry, some warhawks, Treekin (Ogre type things), a couple of Mages and some Scout type guys. Terrain didn’t suit me at all as it contained three very large forests, two in Phils deployment zone (he won dice roll and choose sides), and one large hill in my zone.


Basically I planned to castle up around the hill and wait him out while trying to prevent all of the forests moving toward me and stumping my movement. Unfortunately he spread his forces across the board splitting his units of Dryads and Riders minimising my initial targets. In what turned out to be a big mistake I stuck my Lord with a unit of Longbeards rather than the Hammerers. This meant I had no units immune to Fear (or Terror). The basic idea had been to use the Hammerers Stubbornness to hold up one flank while the Longbeards did all the work.

Turns 1 – 3
Basically lots of shooting from me and lots of movement from Phil in these turns with those damn forests just creeping closer and closer with the Treekin Ogre type things, the mages and his Treeman hidden among them. Shooting was pretty effective though with the Quarrellers and Organ Gun (which begun to roll 8’s and 10’s consistently again) shooting down two units of Dryads and wounding one of the mages.

Near the end of turn 3 I had lost only a solitary Bolt-Thrower crew member, while the Wood Elf graveguard was reasonably full so I was getting a little bit over confident. My Bolt-Thrower also distinguished themselves here as they were charged by the Scouting guys, killed two in combat, caused them to panic and eventually flee of the table?!?

Phils last act of Turn 3 was to charge my Gyrocopter with his Warhawk riders. This particular combat lasted until Turn 5, with his riders only able to score a single wound on the Gyro while the Gyro killed off 2 of the Riders and caused the remaining one to flee a few rounds later.

Turns 4 - 6
This was where everything went peared shaped. I got overly fixated on the Treeman and forgot all about the ‘FEAR CAUSING’ fast cavalry approaching my flanks and rear. Consequently, I ended up advancing a little too far forward and getting both of my Longbeard units and my General stuck surrounded by forests and essentially unable to move.

The Generals unit in fact did nothing the entire game except move then get stuck among the trees. The other Longbeards chopped down some of the Tree kin Ogre thingys, but then I had a brain explosion and pursued them INTO A FOREST – DUH!!! Where they remained stranded for the rest of the game.

While these units were going nowhere the Treeman and fear causing fast cavalry charged the Hammerer unit guarding my flank and rear. While I scored a few wounds I was eventually outnumbered, fled, was caught and wiped out. While my General and Longbeards looked on the Elven fast cavalry proceeded to hack through the rest of my army always causing enough wounds on each unit to win combat and outnumber them forcing them to flee. The Longbeard unit stuck in the forest also got pounded by magic knocking them down to under half strength and I ended the game with very few points left on the table.

MVP of the game - my Gyro

Another harsh lesson in how NOT to play against Wood Elves, I really needed more Runes of Spellbreaking.

Final Result
Wood Elves (1676 VP) massacre my Dwarves (653 VP) winning 4-16

Tournament Wrap Up
Well after all the results were tallied I finished 18th which wasn’t what I was hoping for. With 42 battle points heading into the last game I was aiming for at least 8 more in Game 5 so I could hit my goal of 50. After finishing 14th with a similar Dwarf army at Horned Rat II I thought a finish in the top half of the field was definitely possible. With two wins in my first four games I should have done better than I did, but then again there were some very good armies and some very (very) good players finishing only just ahead of me, and in the top half of the field.

My two wins was also 1 more than I was aiming for, my goal was for a 1 – 2 – 2 record for the weekend. It could easily have been 3 – 2 for this tournament with my game against the Chaos Dwarfs coming to the final turn and only just going against me - a very enjoyable weekend though. Big thanks to John Tailby who organised the whole thing.

Next tournament on 5th/6th September
Going to be attending Skitterleap in a few weeks time, was vaguely thinking of taking my Vampire Counts but I will stick with Dwarfs. Given that I have only played one game at 2,250pts with my Vampires and only 3 all up taking Vamps would NOT be a good idea. So my Dwarfs will get one more chance in 2009 to make a name for themselves, will make some slight adjustments to my list though.

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