August 28, 2009

Skitterleap 2010 - My Dwarves march again

5th and final Warhammer Tournament of the year (for me anyway) next weekend with Skitterleap in Wellington, another Pete Dunn organized event. Taking my Dwarves once again as, well, they are just to much darn fun to play. I think even when my High Elves and Vampires are fully painted I will probably still take Dwarfs, although my High Elves will definitely look better. Damn does my army look sad compared to the majority of those on display at recent events.

Anyway, modified my Call to Arms tournament army list and returned to my favourite combo of dual Hammerer units....

Dwarf Army List for Skitterleap @ 2,250pts

w. Shield, Shieldbearers, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Cleaving, MR Swiftness, RO Might, RO Warding, RO Furnace

Gives him a 1+ rerollable AS, MR 1, immunity to flaming attacks, and 4 attacks @ WS7 striking at S5 vs. T4 or lower opponents and S10 vs. T5 or higher opponents, and he always strikes first. Despite the range of Runic items he still comes in very cheap for a Lord, and doesn't fit into the uber-defensive just won't die category, i.e., no RO Steel or MR Spite.

w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2, RO Furnace, RO Stone, RO Fire, RO Striking

Standard set up for this guy although I have given him a RO Striking to bring him up to WS6. Thought about leaving him unprotected so I could take 3xRO Spellbreaking but opted for the RO Stone and magical weapon.

w. MR Gromil, RO Furnace, RO Cleaving, RO Might

Standard setup for this guy as well. 1+AS and immunity to flaming attacks combined with a slightly different weapon option. RO Cleaving gives him +1S, RO Might means that like the Lord the higher the Toughness of his opponent the higher his Strength.

Longbeards x20
w. FC, Shields, RO Stoicism, RO Battle

Contemplated giving these guys RO Courage but preferred to double their unit strength. That and RO Battle means that start any combat at CR6 which is pretty damn good.

Warriors x10
w. Musician, Shields

Warriors x10
w. Musician, Shields

These small units worked really well at CTA and at Horned Rat and will be a permanent fixture in my army lists from now on. Did try to put a Champion in each unit but couldn't quite fit the points.

Quarrellers x10
w. Musician, Shields

Quarrellers x10
w. Musician, Shields

My Chaos Dwarf Centaur killing heroes of CTA 09

Hammerers x18
w. FC, Shields, MR Grungi

The Lords unit meaning they are Immune to Fear and Terror. Placed near the Longbeards they can also re-roll failed Panic checks and every unit with 6" gets the 5+ WS vs. ALL missle fire. That and Stubborn means even without double unit strength (from RO Stoicism) they are not going anywhere.

Hammerers x18
w. FC, Shields, RO Courage, RO Sanctuary

Dropped Stoicism which would have double their unit strength and opted for RO Courage instead. Just too many fear & terror causing armies out there at the moment. These selections mean that I have two blocks of Stubborn, Immune to Fear and Terror infantry in the middle of my line along with a double unit strength, immune to panic unit all at WS5 and S4. RO Sanctuary also makes them MR1 along with the other Hammerer unit who can benefit from the Lords magical defence. So fear isn't hurting them, shooting gets knocked back by the 5+ WS, and magic isn't going to be hard to get through *snigger* - still you can have the best units in the world and if your generalship sucks, and/or your opponent is better you will still lose.

Organ Gun

Never leave home without it, if it weren't for the Gyrocopter I would field two of them.


The inclusion of only a single war machine is a major departure for me as I usually take the OG and at least one Bolt-Thrower. Had considered the Grudge Thrower so I could benefit from its longer range but once you equip it out properly, e.g., RO Accuracy, RO Penetrating, Engineer it comes at at 145pts + so its better left at home (pity as its a nice model).


Going to be a long first day though as I am driving down first thing in the morning rather than staying overnight Friday. As tournament starts at 8-8.30am I am going to have to leave pretty early. Good thing the Ashes are over or I would have been up all night watching the Cricket.


Randroid said...

I like this list! It looks ... interesting.

Do you find the immunity to flaming attacks is worth it?

You should spend those last 7 pts on something though!

John said...

Hey Randroid

Immunity to flaming attacks for Dwarves via the RO Furnace is pretty much mandatory. The favourite magical Lore to use against Dwarves is Lore of Metal which negates our AS.

Key spells from that Lore allow wizards to target individual characters. For 1 spell (it escapes me atm) the better your AS the stronger it hits you. Means you can use it to snipe and kill characters.

RO Furnace makes you immune to the entire Metal Lore as well as the Lore of Fire. Also comes in handy when charged by Dragons etc.

Randroid said...

Ah - hadn't thought of the Metal lore. That is a handy thing to have.

I am interested in the small units of Warriors, but would it be better to take a BT or two instead?