August 28, 2009

Thoughts on Vampire Counts

Played two 1000pt games with my Vampire Counts last night. The first against Kelly's Beasts of Chaos and the 2nd against Doug's Dark Elves. Took slightly different lists in each to try out some different unit combos.

1000pts VC vs. Beasts
w. Flayed Hauberk, Dark Acolyte, Lord of Dead
w. Corpse Cart, Sceptre de Noirot
Skeletons x15
w. FC, Spears, War Banner
Ghouls x20
w. Ghast
Black Knights x7
w. FC
Dire Wolves x5

Basically I wanted to field my Corpse Cart and my other painted units so my selection was driven by this. Necro would spam Zombies everywhere while Vampire boosted Skeletons, which he did getting them to 30 in pretty quick time. Basically I lost this game quite heavily when my Black Knights failed to break one of the larger Beast units and a couple of Spawn killed my General. End result my army crumbled and I only had the Corpse Cart left by Turn 4/5.

1000pts VC vs. Dark Elves
w. Dark Acolyte, Flayed Hauberk, Black Periapt
w. Dread Knight
Skeletons x20
w. FC, War Banner
Ghouls x20
w. Ghast
Black Knights x8
w. FC
Fell Bats x4

Something a little different this time. Combat Vampire with Dread Knight albiet a weakish one and some bats for a bit of flexibility. Dropped Lord of Dead in favour of Black Periapt and larger unit of Skeletons at beginning. Managed to win this game quite comfortably. Got out maneuvered at the beginning and my magic just wasn't working with only a couple of small Zombie units popping up here and there. Key moment of game was charge of Cold One Knights. The broke a unit of Zombies and overran fulling 1 inch short of my Skeletons with the mounted Vampire. Next turn he charged them, they lost, broke, ran and were caught and killed. My General and his Ghouls saw off the Cold One Chariot and remainder of game consisted of endless shooting and moving until I finally routed the majority of Dougs army in Turn 5/6.

Learnt some good lessons in what was my 5th game with Vampire Counts....

Characters and the General
Only need one at 1000pts and he has to be well protected, i.e., a Ward Save. With Dwarfs and High Elves I only ever take 1 Hero choice in games at 1000pts, but with VC I was concerned about getting magic off. But in both games this didn't really occur anyway despite having 5 and sometimes 6 PD in each phase.

Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls
Need to field more of them, basically at 1000pts I could spam the entire board with undead and go crazy hitting people all over the place. I understand the reasoning behind people fielding nothing but Ghoul units, but personally I think a Vampire army should be full of Zombies and Skeletons. Ghouls are cool but I want to field a Skeletal Horde type of army.

Fast movers
Need more of them and Black Knights need barding if they are going to be deployed off on their lonesome away from a Nehek casting character.

Couple more games next week, probably both against Dark Elves and then its off to Skitterleap the following weekend.

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