August 17, 2009

Tournament Report - CTA 09 Day 2 [lots of pictures]

Game 4 vs. Chaos Warriors

Of the three games against the forces of Chaos this was the only one I approached without any apprehension, basically as I had played against Chaos a lot of knew what to expect. My opponent, Alistair, also had what was by Warriors of Chaos standards a weak list.

Enemy army list
General on Hell Stead - 1+ AS, I had to re-roll hits and 1's rebounded on me
BSB on steed
2 Sorcerers on disks
War Shrine
Chaos Chariot
27x Marauders (Generals unit)
16x Chaos Warriors (BSB unit)
5x Hounds (2 units)
20x Marauders
4x Chaos Ogres

Deployment & Strategy
Alistair chose sides and set up first. His side choice gave him a large hill on my right behind which he deployed his Sorcerers and Chaos Chariot (to protect them from my S7 Bolt-Thrower), and a small area of difficult terrain on my left. He deployed all of his forces well behind the 12” line denying me any shooting. The Chaos Warriors deployed right of centre (my right) in centre with Generals Marauder unit and War Shrine between them, the 2nd Marauder unit went on my far left with the Chaos Ogres. Both units of Chaos Hounds went in the corners of the deployment zone essentially to secure those two table quarters.

My battle line at Deployment

Chaos Deployment

My deployment zone had a medium sized hill on the left and a very large forest on the centre right. I deployed in the middle of the zone using the forest to anchor my right side; Hammerers w. Lord and double strength Longbeards out front, MR Grungi L/Beards behind. The Quarrellers went on the hill and in front of it with the Organ gun to their right and Bolt-Thrower in the left corner opposite the Ogres. The small Warrior units went on either flank behind the hill and forest to protect against any flanking attacks.

Basic strategy was to anchor against the forest and use the Quarrellers and Organ Gun to fire across the front of my line as the Chaos infantry came charging in. The Gyro-copter would stay back until it was able to get in position to march block any enemy units and possibly chase down those that fled. It would also get in the way of the flying sorcerers where possible.

Turns 1 - 3 “Umm hello where are my targets
Alistair gave me 1st turn and I moved my infantry line forward angling slightly left and keeping the forest on my right. No real shooting in the opening turns except the BT wounding an Ogre, Quarrellers killing it off a turn later, and the BT missing the Chaos Chariot which popped out from behind the large hill.

Chaos relied heavily on magic to start with The Hounds and the smaller Marauder unit hung back in the deployment zone, while the Ogres, BSB’s and General’s units marched forward along with the Shrine and Chariot. The Sorcerers did most of the damage in the early turns magic killing off a few Longbeards and a couple of Warriors. Turn 3 ended with the Chaos Ogres failing a charge against the Warriors guarding the Quarrellers on the hill; only by amount 5mm mind you.

Turn 4 “Feel the pain
At the end of Turn 3 marches and ends slighlty short of my line offering me the first charge. As it would have been rude not to I duly charged. The Hammerers went in against the Chaos General and large Marauder unit and the Longbeards against the Chaos Warriors. In the shooting phase the Organ Gun wiped out the Chaos Ogres scoring 10 hits and 8 wounds after the Quarrellers had earlier scored 2 more after shooting first.

In close combat the Hammerers killed 5 Marauders, while in a challenge the Hammerer Champion is killed by the Chaos General. The Marauders lose on CR after failing to wound any Hammerers but manage to hold. In Chaos turn one of the Sorcerers miscasts and wounds both himself and the other Sorcerer who was in base contact putting them both below ½ pts – VP for me. The Chaos General issues another challenge which my General accepts both taking a wound each. The Hammerers cut down a few more Marauders who once again manage to hold. The War shrine also gets involved in combat against the Hammerers but fails to wound anything. In the other combat the Longbeards are hacked down by the Chaos Warriors over 2 rounds but manage to hold on despite losing on CR in both rounds.

Turns 5-6 “Choppy chop chop goes the Dwarf Lord”
Some horrible dice rolling on the part of the Chaos General, some good AS and hit rolls on mine see the Chaos General suffer further wounds. Around him his Marauders are chopped down even further, with the Gyro charging their rear and helping out. They lose on CR, break, flee and are chased down by the Gyrocopter and are wiped out, the War shrine also flees but gets away from the Gyro if only just.The Hammerers elect to hold, and later decide not to charge into the Chaos Warriors flank as this would have opened them up to the Chaos Chariot which had been hanging back behind the melee waiting to get in. Meanwhile the Organ Gun, BT and Quarrellers blast away at the Sorcerers killing both of them.

The Longbeards meanwhile continue to hold out for a few more rounds despite being reduced to 4-5 models after 4 rounds of hard combat. The Chaos Warriors meanwhile have only lost 1 Warrior.Their defence can’t last though and eventually in the last round of the game they are destroyed.The game ends with the Gyro chasing down the still fleeing Warshrine and the Hammerers and 2nd Longbeard unit facing off against the Chaos Warriors, and the Chaos Chariot which had failed to reach combat in time to contribute anything
Final Result
I was absolutely stoked with this victory my first comprehensive win over Warriors of Chaos at this level, albeit against a weaker list than I am used to facing, i.e., no Chaos Knights, no Demon (as in old edition books) and no Spawn.

Dwarfs (1441 VP) beat Warriors of Chaos (562 VP) 15 - 5


Caleb said...

Sounds like it was a good game john and a good win. Thats a nice lookin chaos army that guy has.

Toshi David said...

nice work john :)

John said...

Cheers guys - do you have an email address Caleb I was hoping you could give me some advice on a Vampire Counts list for the next tournament