August 28, 2009

Vampires @ 2,250pts?!?

Taking onboard some advice from Doug and Caleb over the last couple of weeks and my limited experiences with Vampire Counts to try and put together a reasonable 2,250pt list. Using the models I have I've come up with the following.

The Skeletal Horde
Really believe that a Vampire Count army should consist of Skeletons and Zombies and a few wolves howling in the background. Hence any large VC army I build will be built around the notion of the 'Skeletal Horde' a big force of Skeletal Warriors and associated undead support units. This means maxing out on Skeletons, Grave Guard and Black Knights the 3 Skeleton units in the army. Unfortunately at this stage my collection only includes 40 Skeletons, 10 Grave Guard and 16 converted Black Knights, not quite a horde -hence the inclusion of Zombies and other bits.

Vampire Lord Lvl 3 Mage + General
w. Dread Knight, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walachs Bloody Hauberk, Wristbands of Black Gold, Black Periapt.

In defence this gives him a 1+ AS, 5+ WS in melee and 3+ WS against vs. missiles including magic. On attack he keeps his standard 4 S5 attacks @ WS7 - S7 on charge with Lance but he can re-roll or failed hits in every round of CC, and each unsaved wound generates an additional attack for a maximum total of 8 in any round.

Vampire BSB
w. Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Enchanted Shield, Book of Arkhan

Basic 3+ AS/2+ in HtH so not that great but options are limited. Book of Arkhan is necessary in case I don't get Vanhels when rolling for spells.

Crypt Ghouls x20

Skeletons x20
w. FC, Spears, War Banner

Skeletons x20
w. FC, Spears, Banner of the Dead Legion

Two units of 20 rather than a smaller unit that I attempt to raise up to 20 and beyond. Keeping Spears as they benefit in some areas, banners add a nice additional bonus in CR.

Zombies x20

Zombies x20

Dire Wolves x5

Dire Wolves x5

Fell Bats x4

Black Knights x12
w. FC, Barding, Banner of Barrows

Thats right 12 Black Knights. Figured why not have a single huge unit of fear causing, killing blow equipped heavy cavalry. Would have liked two units of 8 but one of 12 is good enough.

Cairn Wraiths x4
w. Banshee

TOTAL 2,246 pts

Only two heroes but of them the key is my General is will be damn hard to kill. And even with only two characters I still have 7 PD & 5 DD with the ability to save one DD for the next magic phase. The whole point of the army is to get numbers to bear as quickly as possible, hence 2 characters both tooled up as far as they can go and LOTS of units.

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Randroid said...

I'm glad to have a fellow blogger/player going the Skeletal Horde route. I won't feel so alone!

Some thoughts (knowing this is likely not your "final" list due to model count):

- Get yourself a Wight King BSB. Far hardier in Combat and you can make use of that giant BK block by adding the Hatred banner (+1 to hit and reroll hits! Yes please!)

- Two units of Zombies is too many. Most would say one is too many since you can raise them up anyway. I would say one is good.

- I don't like big units of Ghouls as they don't win through static CR. I would take a unit of 10 or increase your frontage to 6 and go with 12.

- 5 Dire Wolves aren't going to do much. Better to bump this up to 10 if you can, and you might consider adding a Champ for the classic Doom Wolf challenge pit for big scary flyers and the like (just make sure you can IoN him back to keep that monster/rider busy for two or three turns).

- Wraiths x 5 is much better than 4. 5 gives you rank breaking potential. I would drop the Banshee to get there.

- Skeletons can't hit anything so I have never seen the point in spears. I would rather have a 4+ AS instead of the 5+ and one row of extra attacks that will miss. They look cool though ... maybe put some in the back ranks?

- I like your Lord Combo. Where is he going to live? In with the BK? If so I would drop Dread Knight and Infinite Hatred (assuming you go with a Wight King BSB with the Hatred banner) and give him fly and put him on a Nightmare. That gives you the option of charging the Lord out of the unit to smash smaller fast cav/war machine crews or eject him out of the unit if you don't want him to take a charge.

Anyhow, just my thoughts! I need to go back to the drawing board and do something similar soon ...