August 15, 2009

Warhammer Tournament - Day 1 at CTA 09

*Lots of pictures in this post so its quite long

Game 1 vs. Orcs and Goblins

Enemy army
Big Boss on Chariot
Shaman Lvl 2
Shaman Lvl 2
Night Goblins x21 (3 units)
Wolf Riders x5 (4 units)
Boar Chariots x2
Spear Chuckers x2
Rock Lobber
Big Un’s x28

Deployment and game Strategy
This game was against Ben “Squidadon” Wadsworth, so named because of his converted Lizardman Stegadon that served as his Big Boss Generals Chariot. I had played him before at Runefang II but this time he took a very different list to that game.

The Squidadon

My basic strategy was to use the large forest on my right flank as an anchor around which to secure my larger infantry units while the missle units blazed away. At the same time the smaller flanking units of Warriors would loop around the flanks getting in the way of any fast cavalry units, and then aiming to come in behind any units approaching my main battleline. Quarrellers would concentrate enmass at single units starting with the Wolf Riders and then the Night Goblins. The aim was to kill the fast cavalry as quickly as possible and then not just weaken, but destroy, each Night Goblin unit one at a time. The Bolt-Thrower would go for the Chariots making use of its S7 attacks, while the Organ Gun would sweep the ground ahead of my infantry line. The Gyrocopter would hold back until the enemy was a little closer and then flutter around the rear of the Goblin army march blocking as much as possible and going after any fleeing units.

Big Orc's

Turns 1 -3 “The Shooting Gallery”
The opening turns really go my way. Deploying, setting up and starting first my Quarrellers and war machines had an absolute field day during the shooting phase. Turn 1 saw them take down a Boar Chariot and a unit of Wolf Riders, Turn 2 sees 16 Night Goblins cut down from one unit which subsequently routs. The Gyro kills 2 more from a 2nd unit, and only the Bolt-Thrower fails to hit anything.

Dwarf advance halted by Fanatics (GRRRR)

In Turn 3 the great shooting continued. The Gyro guns down two ranks of Night Goblins, the Bolt-Thrower kills a Shaman, the Quarrellers wipe out 2 units of Wolf-Riders and the Organ Gun destroys the Orc General’s Chariot. With squabbling breaking out all through the Goblin army only the Giant which charges my Lord and Hammerers at the end of Turn 3, and a few fanatics get anywhere near my forces. At the end of Turn 3 I have lost a total of 3 Longbeards to the Rocklobber while the Goblin graveyard is growing by the minute. In close combat between the Giant and the Hammer unit the Giant fails to wound any of the Hammerers while he himself is reduced to a single wound by my General.

The soon to be dead Giant

Turns 4 – 6 “WAAGH!!!!”
For the fourth turn in a row my Organ Gun rolls an ‘8’ on the scatter dice killing the final Wolf-Rider unit. Quarrellers continue to decimate the Night Goblins that remain within range. Meanwhile the Gyrocopter guns down 8 fleeing Night Goblins and forces the fanatics in another unit to flee off the table edge rather than run through the centre of the Goblin army. In close combat my Lord hacks down the Giant who then falls onto and squashes 2 Hammerers.

Both sides set for WAAGH!!!

Da Big Boss General

The Goblin army calls WAAGH at the start of its 4th Turn and its remaining units surge forward toward my Longbeard’s and Hammerer’s. Over the next few turns a series of close combats see-saw back and forth but continue to go my way. I helped in this by some appalling bad ‘dice’ luck on my opponents part and the fact that his fanatics keep spinning away from my troops. During the entire game the Goblin armies 12 Fanatics kill a grand total of one Dwarven Warrior!?! The Gyro continues to fly around evading constant attempts by the Spear Chuckers to shoot it down, and the Orc General now on a spare Boar Chariot is unable to make headway against my Longbeard’s. By the end of Turn 6 the majority of my forces are intact and at least half of the Goblin army is either destroyed or fleeing.

Final Result
My Dwarves (1153 VP) beat the Orcs and Goblins (347 VP) 14-6

Game 2 vs. Chaos Dwarfs

Damn this was a fun game. Against someone I hadn’t played before and a long time Chaos Dwarf player from Christchurch Michael Vercoe. His Chaos Dwarf army was beautiful presented and its capabilities were definitely interesting, Dwarves with magic just doesn’t seem right to me.

Enemy Army
Lvl 2 Sorcerer
Lvl 2 Sorcerer
Battle Standard Bearer
Chaos Dwarfs x20
Chaos Dwarfs x20
Blunderbusses x20
Blunderbusses x20
Centaurs x7
Wolf-Riders x10
Night Goblins x20
Goblin Archers x16
Bolt-Throwers x2

Game Overview
Unfortunately I didn’t take extensive notes during this game as I was concentrating too much on watching the Chaos Dwarfs and figuring out what they did. The whole ancestral grudge thing was a lot of fun and having both armies resolutely march 6” toward each other each turn was somewhat comical.
My Evil Dwarven brethren

There wasn’t anything comical about the Chaos Dwarfs shooting though. Only the MR Grungi saved my units from getting seriously mauled in the opening turns, but by Turn 3 it couldn’t save my Longbeard’s from being whittled down to half strength. Once again I concentrated my shooting on single units rather than spreading it out all over the place. I wasn’t helped though by my Organ Gun misfiring and blowing up in Turn 2. At least it scored 10 hits in Turn 1 on a Chaos Dwarf Unit killing 7 models to go with the 3 cut down by the Quarrellers. My Bolt-Thrower spent the entire game shooting at the Earthshaker in a stubborn attempt to get rid of the damn thing. By Turn 6 I had managed to get it down to 1 wound and 1 crew member.

My gunline waiting for targets

Three particular moments stood out for me during the game. The first was the Gyrocopter holding up a unit of Wolf-Riders in close combat long enough to stop them from charging the rear of my key units. The 2nd was my panicked flight and death of my General and what was left of his accompanying Longbeards, this saw some 560pts going dashing off into the graveyard in Turn 5.

Oh look my Generals about to die!!!

The 3rd and by far my favourite was the absolutely brilliant performance of a unit of Quarrellers against the charge of the Chaos Dwarf Centaur unit. Charged in Turn 3 they not only held on for 5 rounds of combat but wiped out the 7-model Centaur unit losing only 5 off their own in the process. If only my General could have been so brave, he fled a round later.

HA HA take that Centaurs - suffer the might of my Quarrellers

Up until that point the battle had been heading toward a draw, with a slight pts advantage in my favour. However, the 560pt turnaround saw the final result edge in favour of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Final Result
Chaos Dwarves (1183 VP) beat my Good Dwarves (807 VP) 11 – 9.

Game 3 vs. Chaos Demons
I really wasn’t expecting to be playing these guys but getting 21 pts in the first two rounds put me up near the top half of the field and up against the nastier opponents. This was my first game against Chaos Demons and my opponent I learned (after the game) was an 18 year veteran of the Chaos army (mind you that only gave him a 16.5 year experience advantage when it came to playing Warhammer). The Demon army was like the Chaos Dwarfs I faced in Game 2 beautifully presented with some amazing hand made bases which looked very professional. I was heavily out gunned in the hero stacks and in the magic phase with two units of Horrors and two sorcerers giving the Demons 9 PD in the first 3 turns.

The game could have gone much better but to be honest I suffered a bad bout of Dwarf anxiety, its something to do with looking at the world from a height of only four feet. I had originally intended to castle up in one corner and set up so the horde of flying demons couldn’t hurt me too badly. The large forest on one flank offered me a lot of protection and I could have worked the castle defence pretty well. Unfortunately I changed my strategy (or rather lack of one) HALF WAY THROUGH DEPLOYMENT – YES DEPLOYMENT and ended up spreading my units out. In the end I got chopped to pieces losing a huge part of my army. Only one unit remained intact and that was a big block of Longbeards I had stuck on in my planned castle zone and which played NO part in the game whatsoever.

Final Result
Chaos Demons (1846 VP) beat my Dwarves (779 VP) 16-4

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