September 7, 2009

9th Place @ Skitterleap!!!!


Got back from Skitterleap in Wellington last night my final WHFB tournament of the year, and probably last one till April/May 2010.

My overall results were
G1 vs. John T's Dark Elves LOSS 2-18
G2 vs. Dan M's Vampire Counts LOSS 8-12
G3 vs. Kieren N's Warriors of Chaos WIN 20-0
G4 vs. Jack D's Dark Elves LOSS 0-20
G5 vs. Kent J's Vampire Counts WIN 14-6

Once again Dark Elves prove to be my nemesis just cannot beat the damn things at tournaments. G1 was pretty much a whitewash after I moved badly and made some really poor tactical decisions. G4 vs. Jack's DE was worse as it should have gone much better for me. My Dwarves failed, and I mean FAILED, every single leadership test they had to take from about Turn 4 onward. Magic wiped out my Hammerers, then the rest and my Longbeards just runaway from everything. I was failing Leadership 10 Stubborn break tests with a BSB re-roll?!?! G2 was also a loss snatched from the jaws of victory when a 500pt unit of Longbeards with my BSB broke and ran. G3 was fun but the result has to tempered with the fact that my opponent was relatively new and hadnt played in a while. G5 was fun, managed to kill the VC General, after (AFTER) my Hammerers failed their leadership tests AGAIN and ran away AGAIN!!!! My opponent also kept making 6+ AS after 6+ AS as well as passing the majority of his crumble tests.

Didn't take too many pictures during the tournament and only a few came out well and were of new armies I hadn't seen before...


Randroid said...

Congratulations! Looks like you went up against some hard opponents.

I still think your comp score should be higher - what are you getting dinged for?

Caleb said...

Nice work john, sounds like you had a good time.

@ Randroid: Dwarves start on 4/5 (16/20) so he only got a little hit (.5) from one judge out of the Five. My guess would be for 2 units of hammerers.