September 18, 2009

Battle Report [Dwarves vs. Warriors of Chaos 2000pts]

Lord Bredgar Stonecutter watched with pride as the forces of Clan Morgrall deployed for battle. To his right were a full regiment of his Clans Longbeards, old, grizzled veterans of the Clans endless task of protecting the Thorinkins Northern borders.

On either flank Quarrelers extended their lines and readied their weapons. Behind them Engineers of Clan Ragnell were busy digging entrenchments to secure the great war machines, an Organ Gun, and an ancient rune inscribed Cannon, whose use Bredgar had paid much for.

Around Bredgar his personal bodyguard of Hammerers, drawn from the finest Warriors of his Clan, tightened the buckles on their armor. Lifted aloft by his Shield Bearers, Bredgar’s thoughts were saddened only by the sight of the second Hammerer regiment that accompanied his army. The remnants of his kinsmen, Lord Kurgin Hadrinsson, personal bodyguard their burnt and heavily battle scared armor seem light in comparison to the darkness in their eyes. They were all that was left of the army destroyed by Archeon and the forces of Chaos during the Day of Blood. Shamed by their inability to die with their Lord, they had sworn eternal vengeance on the forces of Chaos and had marched from Karak Thorinkin with Bredgar uninvited, but not unwanted. Above them flew the Battle Standard of his clan, and from the lips of the bearer came a mighty blast as the Clans war horn announced the approach of the enemy. Gripping his axe, inscribed with Runes of Swiftness, Cleaving and Might, Lord Bredgar watched as the forces of Chaos arrayed themselves before his troops. Immediately to his front were Chaos Warriors and their bare-chested almost bestial Marauder henchmen. On their flanks were the units that concerned Bredgar the most, fast moving Marauder cavalry, Chaos Chariots and Warhounds and a huge block of fearsome Chaos Knights.

Upon seeing the Dwarf battle calmly waiting before them the Chaos flank units rushed forward moving to outflank the Dwarven battle line. Trusting to his Warmachines and Quarrelers Lord Bredgar ordered his troops to march forward his gaze set firmly on the Chaos General whose great warhorse caused him to tower above the Chaos Warriors that formed his macabre bodyguard.

Lightning flashed through the sky distracting Bredgar. Chaos magic flickered toward the Quarrelers and Organ Gun on his left. Soon the sky was alive with energy as the Runesmith accompanying his forces attempted to counter the waves of dark magic at Chaos’s command. Equally matched at first the Runes proved unable to keep the lightning out for long and soon screams of anguish were heard as Quarrelers, and Engineers manning the Organ Gun were cut down.

The howls of glee coming from the Chaos Sorcerers were soon cut off, as a cloud of Crossbow bolts cut a swath through the Marauder cavalry and Chaos Warhounds who accompanied them. The loud rapid volleys of the Organ Gun, and the crushing BOOM of the Great Cannon added to the sounds of battle. Both struck home, the Organ Gun decimating the Marauder cavalry to its front, while a Cannon ball scored a direct hit on one of the fearsome Chaos Chariots.

Lightning and fire continued to crackle across the sky, and soon more Dwarfs, including a Hammerer in Bredgar’s bodyguard were left burnt and dead upon the ground. Runic magic continued to hamper the best efforts of the Chaos Sorcerers, and yet more Chaos troops were cut down by Dwarven missile fire.

Advancing forward his eyes locked firmly on the Chaos armies General, Bredgar offered a silent prayer to Grimnar as to his right and his left the remaining forces of Chaos charged into his Quarreler units. Chaos Knights and the remaining Chaos Chariot torn each unit to shreds, neither having any hope of withstanding their furious assault. Marauder horsemen and a Chaos Sorcerer continued to trade missile fire with the Cannon Crew, who now turned their sights on the Chaos General.

KABOOM!!! A thunderous noise was accompanied by the sight of rune inscribed cannon ball striking the ground directly between Lord Bredgar and the Chaos Generals unit. Bouncing it ripped its way through the Chaos Warrior unit, and before Lord Bredgar’s eyes the Chaos General was torn in half as the Cannon ripped through his upper body. At the sight of his falling body a huge cheer went up from the assembled Dwarven ranks, and an even mightier one from the Cannon crew. This was matched in its ferocity by the charge of the Chaos Warriors and Marauder infantry who upon seeing the death of their General sought immediate revenge.

Gripping his Axe and securing his footing on his shield Lord Bredgar hewed left and right cutting through the Chaos ranks. Around him, his Hammerers and the Clans Longbeards battled fiercely against the forces before them. On his right the Longbeards gave a great roar and raised the Battle Standard High as the Marauders fled the field of battle.

Rushing forward the soon enveloped the flanks of the Chaos Warrior unit and joined Lord Bredgar who cutting down the abominable forces of Chaos. As the Chaos Warriors broke, victory was still in the balance as to Bredgars rear the remaining Chaos Chariot had smashed into and destroyed the second Hammerer unit, before doing the same to armies Great Cannon.

Darkness falling, Lord Bredgar halted his pursuit of the fleeing Chaos infantry and called his remaining troops to him. Smoke, fire, ash and blood covered a field of battle littered with the bodies of hundreds of Dwarves, Chaos Warriors and Marauders. Both sides had fought themselves to a stand-still, each had suffered grievous loses, and each had failed to secure a victory.


Shrink to Fit said...

The best games end in draws.

Thanks for the report. One of my favorite things is reading a good battle report.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Great report, very well written and stylish to boot!
Looked like a good battle! Some lovely minis involved too.

Darth Weasel said...

I tend to agree with Shrink in that most of my favorite games are draws or see epic swings of fortune in one or two final rounds.

Well written, a good read for sure.

noeste said...

Very well written, thank you for the nice read! Great pictures to go with the story aswell, sounds like you both had a good game.

Randroid said...

That was an entertaining read. Well done!

John said...

Thanks for feedback guys been far too long since I posted a decent battle report

Caleb said...

Nice write up John.
Enjoyed the game and i got to say its always nice when the game comes down to the last couple of turns.