September 16, 2009

Protectorate of Menoth Collection - what to keep?

As much as I enjoy playing Warmachine, and running with an army of Fanatical Religious Pyromaniacs called the Protectorate of Menoth, truth is I am going to have to sell some of my overly large collection.

I'll keep enough (or more than enough) to continue playing as it is a very very enjoyable game, but needs must. Question is what do I get rid off?!? Its hard to figure out what to keep as the new Mk2 rules aren't out yet and this may change things a fair bit (if the test rules were any indication). So what do I have, and what am I going to do with it?

Amon Ad-Raza - still needs his weapon to be fixed
Grand Scrutator Severius
High Reclaimer - still unpainted

No changes here Ill keep all of these guys, although I generally stick with eFeora in games over 750pts and Kreoss in games under 750pts. In Mk2 the ability to take any caster you like means that eFeora will come out of the box more. Amon Ad-Raza could probably go and I might get rid of my eKreoss model as I can always proxy in the standard Kreoss but use eKreoss's cards.

Heavy Warjacks
Avatar of Menoth - still needs painting, some many fiddly little details on it
Crusaders x2
Reckoner - might get rid of this guy as I hardly ever use him

Light Warjacks
Devouts x4 - the best warjacks under Mk1 rules, they have been nerfed by Mk2 so I dont need 4 of them anymore (used to like running all 4). So maybe sell two of them
Revengers x2
Redeemer - still needs paint, and should be kept as it fits into the standard pop-n-drop list
Repenter x2 - ill sell these as I never use the things, one still unpainted

Exemplar Seneschals x2 - still waiting to be painted, will definitely keep
Vassal of Menoth
Monolith Bearer
Paladin Order of the Wall - still waiting on paint

No changes here as these are all key units to have.

Visigoth Juviah Rhoven & BG - will have to get rid of him if Mk2 rules nerf him as badly as they appeared to intend in the play test version of the rules
Wracks x3
Choir of Menoth Acolytes x12 - OK so I have a choir fetish, don't really need 4 full units though
Choir of Menoth Warpriests x4
Daughters of Flame x6 - these are definitely going as I never use them
Deliverer Sunburst - Mk1 Rule #1 never buy it or use it / Mk2 Rule #1 - Mk1 Rule 1# no longer applies and this is a definite keeper; still hasn't been assembled or painted
Deliverers x10
Exemplars Errant x14 - one unit unpainted, and Ill keep all of these as you can proxy the sword carrying ones in as Knights Exemplar
Flameguard Cleansers x5 - going bye bye as they no longer explode under Mk2 rules meaning my favourite tactic of using them as flame throwing suicide bombers is now redundant.
Holy Zealots x10
Temple Flameguard x10
Temple Flameguard UA

Idrian Skirmishers x10 - definitely going bye bye, good unit but I can't be bothered painting them and I will never use them
Idrian Skirmishers UA
Rupert Cavalo
Alyana & Holt - will sell these guys too, got them after seeing how well Toshi used them to support Khador but honestly I will probably never use them

Anyway I think thats everything I have, not really sure been a while since I got them out. Looking at the list of unpainted models I much actually put all of the Warhammer away for a couple of months and paint some Warmachine models.

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Binz said...

Nice collection, i forget how much you actually have!!

Let me know what you want for them, as I may take them off ya hands!