September 9, 2009

Some recent Blogger finds & thanks to my followers

Been trawling through the Blogosphere a bit more lately. Have found some extremely good blogs out there, many belonging to the people who actively follow Stumpy Heaven - and I would like to sincerly thank you all for doing so - and others to blogs followed by my followers (confused yet?!?).

Among my recent finds have been...

Grumpy Stunty
Just love it when you find another Dwarf player out there, we 4ft tall beard fetishists have to stick together. This is a great blog, a lot of 40k stuff but a nice clean layout, easy to read articles, and some excellent painting tutorials showing how individual figures are taken from assembly right through to completion. The Dwarf Lord below is from this blog, damn I wish I could paint like that.
The Glorious Works
Another 40k and Warhammer Chaos player from the UK. Bits of background fluff on his various armies. Some great painting guides, including ideas on modifying various figures and excellent photos of miniatures in his collection. The author is also a big contributor to various forums, and is a good source of advice on those that he visits.

Inane Courage
A blog of seemingly very dedicated Skaven player (I assume he has to be by the HUGE number of sprues he is attempting to put together). Has some really cool conversion ideas for his Skaven units, and good links to other sites. Nice open writing style as well.

Drinkin and Modellin
Actually started following this one a while ago but had to mention it here. Its a great blog by a guy called 'Randroid' (his forum username) one of the regular contributors at the Battle Reporter Forums that are my main visiting place (look the username 'Kiwi' to find me). Awesome blog, great reads, fantastic pictures and ideas and great contributions to the forum conversations.

Finally a big thanks to all of the people who follow and read my little blog. Never really thought it would go on as long as it has (300 posts & a year of blogging). Appreciate all of the comments and feedback I have gotten, and more importantly getting links to the wider world of gamers out there.


Elazar The Glorified said...

Yay! I got a mention! Thanks very much! :) Glad somebody likes what I'm doing! :D

John said...

No worries mate - I like your blog, I dont always comment but I do always read it

Sigmar said...

Hi Elazar, Nice work. I've just left a post on your blog. I'm hoping you'll be joining the Battle Reporter forum crew.

Anymore dwarfs and we'll have to lower the tables in the tavern !

Nice find John,

Kuffeh said...

Wow. I was spotted. =D

Thanks for noticing it. My blog has been very much 40k at the moment, as I have enjoyed painting the minis. I liked the orks a lot. I am hoping to expand it soon. I am looking to repaint my dwarf army and convert a Blood Bowl team or two.

I started with dwarfs and Fantasy as my very first minis/system. So the bearded buggers have an eternal place in my heart.

Oh, and glad you liked the dwarf. I had a blast painting him. =D