September 9, 2009

Inaugral Stumpy Tournament Awards

With tournament season over for me in 2009 its time time to hand out some awards in recognition of an amazingly enjoyable 6 months of competitive gaming.

Bugmans 'Best Event' Ale
Call to Arms 2009

Huge tournament, lots of players, lots of fun and some good results albeit not as good as I had wanted. Thanks to John T for organising it so well. Big thanks also to Pete D from Wellington for organising so many events down there this year as well.

Grimnars 'Good Bloke Axe' for my favourite opponent
Nick E (Wood Elves)

Incredibly nice guy and a very good player. Had two games against him in tournaments now, lost both, the second one only just. Nearly played him a third time at Call to Arms 09, look forward to running into him again. My battles against him are forming the basis of the Wood Elf Wars stories on my other blog (which I really need to get typed up).

Druegars 'Nemesis Crown' for the hardest opponent
John T (Dark Elves)

And Dark Elves in General to be honest. Two matches against John ending in 20-0 and 18-2 defeats. Nice bloke and my vote for favourite opponent in at least one tournament, but damn are Dark Elves hard to beat.

Gnoblar award for single worst moment in a game
The Terror causing Giant

Lots to choose from but has to be, Runefang II with my High Elves. In about Turn 2 an Ogre Giant waded into the middle of my army causing 2 units of Dragon Princes to fail Terror tests and flee into impassable terrain. AHHHHH!!!

Chaos Spawned 'Dice of Evil' for game in which the Dice Gods went against me
Game 4 of Skitterleap vs. Jack D (Dark Elves)

My normally resolute and stubborn Dwarfs fail every single leadership test for 3-4 consecutive turns. Result, my entire army runs away and is slaughtered. Turn 6 ended with my only my Gyrocopter on the board.

Whistans 'WTF' award for that ??? moment
Dwarfs vs. Dwarfs at NICON 09

Up against Ken's Dwarfs at NICON the two of us were looking forward to a knuckle dragging slug fest when what happens? A dice roll randomly ends our game in Turn 4 just as both of our respective Dwarf lines are about to rampage into each-other. You have never seen two guys so unhappy about a game ending early - we did carry on though after submitting the official results.

Ulthuans 'Unbelievably Pretty' Army Award
Lava Goblins @ Call to Arms 09

Out of all of the armies I have seen at various tournaments this had to be my favourite by far. Pretty to look at and also very effective as it won that particular tournament [Pics].

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