September 15, 2009

Upcoming painting projects

So much to do over the summer and before the next tournament season.

High Elf Modeling/Painting Backlog
Currently repainting and rebasing my entire High Elf army giving them a darker purple scheme with uniform runes across the army linking their banners and shield emblems together. Also rebasing them all using Iron Halo bases and going for a snow based theme. Work still to be done includes:

Final touch ups on snow areas on bases
Basically I just need to apply a few coats of thinned down white to the snow areas to bring out the colour, and clean up a few areas where the metal models in particular have been chipped. Once complete I'll give them all a quick coat of Purity Seal.
  • Phoenix Guard x20
  • Sword masters x20
  • Spear Elves x20
  • Dragon Mage
  • Mounted BSB
  • Archmage on foot
  • Mage on foot

[Pictures up once they are done]

Units needing more work
After the snow touch ups above are done I will focus my attention on the other units that will make up my eventual High Elf tournament army. These will need some serious re-touching mainly to enhance the shading and overall look of each model. Basing work also needs to completed.

  • Dragon Princes x6 (4 more being left for a while)
  • Shadow Warriors x5
  • Spear Elves x20
Models/Units awaiting assembly or replacement
The rest of the army is need of a lot more work though. I still have a lot of key units that need to be completely paint stripped or simply replaced with new models, and one that needs assembling. Unfortunately, this is going to take a while as the old budget is a bit tight.

  • Archers x10 - probably need 10 more, and will most likely replace the whole lot with a new unit box as I only have the old Edition models which are painted like rubbish.
  • Bolt Throwers x4 - four old school models which I kind of like, need to be paint stripped cleaned up and redone. Will order some Iron Halo 50x50mm bases to put them on, but only enough for two.
  • Silver Helms x8 - the models are fine just need to some touch ups on the shields and some shading. Otherwise the only really need some Iron Halo bases and they are good to go. Not a priority as I never use them.
  • Shadow Warriors x5 - undercoated but not yet based, need a lot of cleaning up. Looking at a WarPuppy skirmisher movement tray for these guys.
  • White Lions x15 - still in their box. Will be my final project, kind of a reward to myself for finishing everything else.
Vampire Counts painting backlog
Not as much to do with these guys as I went through a really frantic period where all I did was paint VC units. I have enough for a complete army but still need to complete a few units which have been sitting around undercoated for well over 6 months. Units left to complete include:
  • Vampire - awaiting paint
  • Wraiths/Banshee x4 - awaiting paint
  • Dire Wolves x5 - awaiting paint
  • Black Knights x8 - Tomb King conversions need undercoating & everything else
  • Fell Bats x4 - need final touch ups to be completed, will do these first
  • Wight King BSB - needs undercoating and painting
  • Wight King - needs touch ups and rebasing
Dwarf modelling backlog
Basically I dont have anything to do with these guys. I could probably look at gluing the warmachine crew members to the warmachine bases, and touch ups on some of the individual models but I like the army the way it is. Still have some units that I havent got round to painting though, and that have been sitting in a box for well over a year now.
  • Miners x20 - BfSP variant, nice looking models not undercoated or anything, would be fun to paint but I am still working on how best to include them in any army.
  • Thunderers x20 - BfSP variants, need some touch ups and rebasing but otherwise OK. Again never use these guys as I prefer the Quarrellers longer range.
So much to do, so little time.... and of course there is always my back log of unpainted Warmachine figures including a couple of Warjacks, the Deliverer Sunburst, a full unit of Knights Exemplars and various bits and pieces to be reattached.

However, I plan to sell off most of my Menoth army over the next few months as I have way too much and will in all honesty not get around to using most of it.


Binz said...

Hey john - let me know what parts of your menoth you are going to sell, and i may be interested in getting them from you :D

Btw - nice backlog of models to do! I look forward to seeing some pics!!

John said...

No worries mate Ill do that