September 23, 2009

Warmachine Mk2 looks GOOD!!! Yah for Menoth

Finished reading the Mk2 rules for Warmachine last night along with the new Menoth faction cards and I have to say I really like them. Sure a couple of units have lost abilities but others have gained them, and the cards are now a lot easier to read and understand. Long confusing ability descriptions have been replaced with short, clear, concise and unambiguous statements and Menoth seems to be far more balanced now as an army.

How did my units change then?

Has lost Retribution, which was by far my favourite spell, and Ward, and had his other spells made either more expensive or reduced in AOE. However, this is balanced out by changes to the units Kreoss would most likely work with particularly the Knights Exemplar

Elite Cadre has been changed a lot with Exemplar models (not just Knights Exemplar units) only getting Aegis or immunity to continuous effects. Key spells have had their points cost reduced by one notably Castigate and Cleansing Fire. As with normal Kreoss Retribution has also been removed, their goes the double up on Devout free strikes. Big changes though are the old Hallowed Vengeance spell that slams people is now a Special ability, and the inclusion of a new ability Imperishable Conviction when means eKreoss heals 1 wound every time any Faction model is destroyed in his control area.

High Reclaimer
Nothing major here except that his feat now only raises D3+3 rather than 2D6 models, meaning a minimum of 4 newly created models for the feat rather than a minimum of 2. Makes it more useful and takes away possibility of a poor dice roll. Soulstorm is also now an ability, not a spell, which is simply awesome.

Has gained +2RAT for some reason, one of many models that has gained increased RAT when they don't have a ranged attack!?! Big Big changes in his spell abilities making him very very dangerous now. Changes include:
  • Convert is now a special action not a spell.
  • Ashes to Ashes affects target model and d6 nearest, makes it trickier to use but gives you some nasty options if combined with the right unit.
  • Death Sentence costs 3 YES 3 less focus to cast gains +2 RNG and gives target faction model re-rolls to hit, instead of auto-hit. With 8 Focus you can cast this 4x per round!!!
  • Vision - costs 1 less focus.
  • Protection of Menoth - is listed as a spell, but without any stats so I am assuming its a typo
My favourite caster, has remained pretty much unchanged except for some minor surprises in her spell section these are:
  • Engine of Destruction gives her +4 MAT up from +2 making her MAT 10, SPD 8 & STR 11 when its cast.
  • Ignite is altered target friendly model/unit gains +2 to melee attacks damage rolls.
  • Wall of Fire now specifically states you cannot boost damage rolls.
Big changes her, which I am a wee bit unsure of but they in combo with other units do make her a very dangerous caster to take. Changes are:
  • Caustic Presence - new ability, Fire Effects DO NOT EXPIRE in her control area !!!!!
  • Warjack Bond - cannot allocate extra focus to bonded jack
  • Cleansing Fire - new addition as it seems to be the standard spell for combat orientated Menoth casters.
  • Elite Cadre has been removed?!?
  • Also lost Blazing Aura, Flameburst (although this is reasonable, as it would have been devestating in combination with the other faction changes), and Hot Foot.
Amon Ad-Raza
Some nice modifications to this guy making him more worthwhile to play. First up he gains 1 focus giving him 6, and his Feat now gives all Warjacks in his battlegroup - not his control area his BATTLEGROUP - Perfect Balance as well as the normal focus bonus. Groundwork is modified ability meaning he cannot be be autohit when knocked down and is DEF is not reduced. Mobility spell costs 1 less focus, and gives models +2 SPD rather than +1" movement. Things he lost include:
  • Meditative stance - balanced by increased focus.
  • Tough - balanced by Groundwork ability, and Perfect Balance
  • Trip attack - woop big deal
  • Sand Blast and Divine Judgement - hoping this is a typo as these were good spells, but can live without them.
Minor changes throughout the faction jacks, mainly +1MAT and +1RAT for most models, and +1POW on a lot of the weaker weapons. Major changes are:

Gained +1 MAT, had defensive strike simplified which appears to be a game wide change for this sort of attack. Its not as powerful but its still a free hit. More importantly, its Shield Guard ability now extends to ANY friendly model not just to a Warcaster.

Blessing of Vengeance
Has lost 2 ARM?!? Defensive Strike ability simplified, Bushwhack imprint added similar to old ability just modified slightly and shield loses excessive repel.

Combustion attack has range 2" now instead of 1" making it very nasty indeed especially when you take him with eFeora.

Open Fists now hit at P+S 14 rather than 11 making them an even better Heavy option.

Assault rules clarified and made easier to understand, Critical splash removed and fire damage added to all attacks.

Avatar of Menoth
Has gained +2 RAT when he doesn't have a ranged attack?!? Menoths Gaze has been simplified and Flameburst has been modified reducing its range from 3" to 1" but it no longer requires you to disable just DAMAGE an enemy model.

Fire of Salvation
Affinity with Kreoss has been substantially altered. He can no longer put an upkeep spell on it regardless of range or LOS and maintain that upkeep spell for free *sigh* I loved this ability. However, his FoS weapon gains Dispel which is kind of useful and his Fist like the Crusader is now P+S 14

Primary change here is that when taking an infantry unit you either take a standard unit (Leader + 5) or a large unit (Leader + 9), no more adding in 2 troopers here, 3 troopers there etc. They have also gotten rid of stat differences between unit leaders and grunts which makes sense to me as the whole difference thing got confusing at times. Field Allowances for key units have also been increased!!!!

Holy Zealots
No big changes here, except Firebomb is now POW 12 not POW 14 and they have lost Prayer of Protection.

Monolith Bearer
Not sure I like these changes. Has lost 1 ARM, tough and Fiery Assault meaning that he dies more easily and when he does the remaining Zealots don't go crazy and run and attack for free. Holy Monolith now only adds +4 ARM to each model in unit, not +4 DEF and +4ARM but effect lasts for a turn not a round.

Knights Exemplar & Exemplars Errant
Both unit types are now FA 3 thats FA 3 I repeat FA 3 thats all I have to say on this - did I mention FIELD ALLOWANCE 3. Just imagining an army of eKreoss, Exemplar Bastions, 3 units of Knights Exemplars, and 3 of Knights Errant with say Fire of Salvation.

Temple Flameguard UA
Nothing major here except that FRIENDLY FACTION MODELS CAN IGNORE THEM WHEN DETERMINING LOS FOR RANGED ATTACKS so I can deploy these guys in shield wall with a unit of Deliverers or Zealots behind them and fire away.

Daughters of Flame
Oh how I LOVE THEE!!!! I AM KEEPING YOU NOW - Shank and Stealth are gone but in their place is Anatomical Precision meaning if their damage roll fails to exceed the targets armour they still do 1 point of damage, e.g., THEY WILL AUTO KILL ANY ONE WOUND MODEL THEY HIT.

Flameguard Cleansers
No longer explode so I can't run them into the enemy and deliberately blow them up, but they also get rid of that stupid irregular armour rule.

OH JOY OH JOY OH JOY - They lose misfire and get the Rocket Volley special ability a combined ranged attack that boosts the POW and AOE for every model involved up to AOE 5" and POW 16

Deliverer Sunburst
Loses inaccurate and gets Range Finder giving them +2 to attack rolls when grunts in base to base, add this to the aiming bonus and the Sunburst is now... wait for it... RAT 9 - thats RAT 9 for a RNG 16 AOE 4 POW 16 weapon!!!!!

Choir of Menoth
Much much improved. Now SPD 6 so they can keep up with everybody, have gained +2 ARM and every model sings the hymns not just the unit leader. Killing the Priest also does nothing to their ability to chant. These guys are now even better than they were.

Visigoth Juviah Rhoven and Honor Guard
The only change I am not happy about. They are still an OK unit but no longer the great unit they were - thats all I am going to say on the matter.

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME gains +1 ARM (without needing to be in B2B contact with caster), +2 RNG on Harmonious exaltation and he can now Heal any Friendly living model not just his warcaster.

Paladin Order of the Wall
FA is now 2 and he has gained +1 ARM. Stone and Mortar does lose the +5 DEF bonus, but he can now make free strikes while in stone and mortar stance and can attack ANY model in range.

Vassal of Menoth
SPD 5 not 4 and Field Allowance is now 2 not 1 - so I am DEFINATELY buying one more of these.

Rules have been simplified but personally I don't care as I don't like the unit, will never get around to painting them and will never use them. Just don't like them.

Overall thoughts
I like the changes, so damn cool. Sure 1 or 2 units have lost out but overall Menoth has become a lot nastier in many critical areas. Going to be fun playing under the new rules which are also simplified to follow especially the changes to LOS, Unit formations and Warjack system disablement.


Shelexie said...

Really nice writeup! I think I am happy I am not playing across the table from you! Now what to do about the Menoth players here....

Binz said...

I think Sunburst are still light artillery - which means no aiming bonus. RAT7 is still impressive though, you are going to be hitting DEF14 regularly with that.

Overall, looks like all the factions got their share of buffs and debuffs, Menoth seem to have got through it relatively unscathed :D

Im glad they made Devouts less powerful, they were ridiculous in MK1 :P