October 22, 2009

Paladin & Reclaimer completed & new WIP

Finished final details on Paladin Order of the Wall & High Reclaimer last night, including highlighting and shading primarily with black to bring out certain areas. Also did the basing as well, which is by my own admission fairly average as it is something I still struggle to get right. Still very happy with overall look of both models particularly the Paladin who I was somewhat reluctant to paint as it seemed a bit daunting. Really pleased with way the shield has come out, and with the Reclaimers cross. Gave up on idea of doing the eyes just dont have the touch or patience for them.

Paladin Order of the Wall - Protectorate of Menoth Solo

High Reclaimer - Protectorate of Menoth Warcaster

Couple of mould lines here and there but not something I have ever worried about so much. Having major issues getting the Seneschal looking right though. Going to have to buy a bucket of nail polish remover to paint strip a huge number of models ready for re-painting.

Heirophant - Warcaster attachment

The final pictures are my new projects (along with Seneschal) are the Heirophant which has been sitting around for a while, and the Deliverer Sunburst for which I managed to lose a bunch of parts including the arms of one of the crewmen?!? The colour on the Heirophants base helped determine his facing under Mk1 rules, but I am going to have to remove all of these now as Mk2 Warmachine rules base facing on Shoulder position making a lot of my facing designations illegal.

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Binz said...

Nice painting! Very well done on the Paladin.

You certainly have got long flowing capes down pat now!