October 6, 2009

Podhammer & a slow day at the office

Finished listening to the latest episode of Podhammer this afternoon, highly entertaining especially listening to fellow married gamers talk about their wives opinions of our *ahem* "hobby" and how we all seem to have our "toys" banished to various small rooms, sleep outs and sheds in our respective houses. If you haven't listened to these guys I highly recommend them word of warning though the language is definitely NSFW so keep the volume down, or your headphones on.

Been a few weeks since I did any gaming, and looks like it will be a few more before I have another game. Consequently, I can't promise anymore battle report type posts on here for a little while. I am however getting back into my painting especially my Protectorate of Menoth army which I have decided to repaint in a new scheme in honor of the issuing of the Mk2 rule set. Will post pictures etc as I go.

Also working on updates for my other blog Karak Thorinkin, looking to comprehensively re-write the entire blog to tidy up a few issues here and there.

Progress will be slow though as Cricket season has started which keeps me pretty busy, baby no 2 is due in less than 3 weeks, and my students are swamping me with end of year papers *sigh*

Really hanging out for a game - need to throw some dice at something....

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