November 23, 2009

Vampire Count Hero completed & next projects

Finally finished her last week but didn't upload photos until now as I lost my connecting cable. Finishing touches included:
  • New highlighting & shading on skin areas.
  • Rose & rose vine on sword.
  • Skulls.
  • Re-highlighting of red robe
  • Daggers.
Model looks shiny as I sprayed it, as I do with all of my metal models, with GW Purity Seal.

Next projects are a couple I have had sitting around for a little bit, two variations on standard bearers for my Vampire Counts army. The first is from Reaper Minis and is basically a Ghoul, Wraith looking character holding a battle standard, the second is the old style Wight King BSB.

Of the two the Wight King will follow the standard Dark w. Red colour scheme used on the rest of my Vampire army. The Reaper alternate though will be more colourful, I will just wash him down a lot with Mud Wash to make him really dirty looking.

Both models are also going to be entered in the lastest Battle Reporter Forum painting competition, hence my forum name etc underneath them.


noeste said...

Think it is a great model, and you've done a great paint job - especially the shading and highlighting of the robes and the skin.

Some of the colours strike me as unorthodox for a Vampire - the warm skintone and her golden hair for example, but I think it's looking good, even if it's different!

My favourite parts must be the way youv'e painted the robe - both the outer very rich red and the purple-grey of her inner robe. Read in an earlier post that you had started off with purple (Liche Purple?), and then just washed with Badab Black? Is it that simple? Looks splendid at any rate - I might try it sometime!

John said...

Thanks mate really appreciate the positive feedback.

I kind of like the idea of warmer looking vampires and bright colours, I mean why not :)

The red robes used the following process
- Scab Red base coat
- Badab Black wash
- Scab red touch ups outside recesses
- Blood red on raised areas (this is a fantastic colour for highlighting red).

Purple robes used
- Liche purple base coat
- Badab black
- Liche purple touch ups outside recesses
- Hugomount (?!?) Purple on raised areas.

Key thing I am doing at moment is use of Chaos Black to highlight shadowed areas, e.g., inside of sleeves, under shoulder pads, around base of armour/chest, under bottom of robes, edging between different colours.