November 16, 2009

Warhammer tournament schedule for 2010

The New Zealand Warhammer tournament calendar for 2010 is starting to take shape with a number of tournaments already announced, including the first of Pete Dunn's regular Wellington events. Getting to these is going to take some doing because of budget, work, sport and family constraints but I plan on going to as many as I can next year with the big focus being on the large national events BattleCry, NATCON and NICON.

Current events are:

30th-31st Warpfire - Wellington, NZ

20th-21st Battlecry - Auckland, NZ

2nd-4th Natcon, Lower Hutt - NZ

5th-6th Nicon, Tauranga - NZ

I expect at least 4-5 more events in Wellington over the period June - November as well similar to last years events. The event in January 'Warpfire' looks especially interesting as it sees the introduction of a brand new scoring and composition system for the New Zealand tournament scene.

WarpFire 2010

Army Lists and Composition
Standard format using 2,250pt lists played over 5 rounds using 7th edition books published in New Zealand within 1 month of tournament start date with no BOB lists, proxies or special characters allowed.

Armies are divided into 3 bands with a number of restrictions placed on armies in each band that are in addition to those contained within each army book. Restrictions seem to take into account tournament results in Australasia over last 12 months and appear to be a good way to balance out the various armies.

Band A
Daemons of Chaos
Dark Elves
Vampire Counts

Band B
High Elves
Tomb Kings
Warriors of Chaos
Wood Elves

Band C
Beasts of Chaos
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs and Goblins

Band Restrictions
  • Armies in Band A are allowed only 1 rare choice
  • Armies in Band C are allowed an additional special choice.
  • Rare choices may not be repeated, except for High Elves, where they can be repeated once per unit.
  • Max, 2 of the same special choice.
  • Max. 3 of the same core choice, except for ranked infantry without missile weapons and beast herds.
  • Max. 3 units of chariots (incl. Characters)
  • Max. 9 PD/10DD in an army (using ETC system whereby bound items count for 1+PD/DD depending upon item type).
  • Max. 2 units of flyers (incl. Characters)
  • Max. 70 shots per turn with range of 20"+ (not incl. war machines)
  • Max. 5 war machines
  • Max. 2 terror causers.
Race specific restrictions
Daemons of Chaos
  • All greater demons count as additional hero choice.
  • Herald BSB may take either daemonic gifts or daemonic icon not both
  • Daemonic gifts not to be duplicated
  • Horrors limited to 0-2
Dark Elves
  • Ring of Hotek counts as 3 DD in each phase
  • Every assassin counts as a hero choice
  • Shades limited in unit size to 8 models
  • Pendant of Khaleth counts as a hero choice.
  • Steam tank and War Alter count as 2 war machines
High Elves
  • Star Dragon counts takes an additional hero slot
  • Characters on stegadons also use the relevant special or rare slot
  • Terradons limited to unit size of 3 models max
  • Discipline becalming cogitation counts as 2 DD
  • Temple guard count as a terror causer
  • Skink skirmisher units cannot outnumber skink cohorts
Ogre Kingdoms
  • A slaughter master can be taken without a tyrant
  • To be confirmed
Vampire Counts
  • Darkenhoff banner, helm of commandment and skull staff all count as an additional hero choice.
Wood Elves
  • Treeman counts as Treeman Ancient
Battle points now worth 60% of total. With following additions:
  • Player who captures the most standards gains an additional 100 VP.
  • Table quarters can only be captured by a scoring unit. To qualify as a scoring unit, a unit must be: not a single model, non-flying, US 5+, have started the game worth 100+ VP.
  • Battle points also vary depending upon what band the winning army was in, e.g., Band A armies must gain 500+VP to get a win, Band B 300+ and Band C 100+.
Changes look interesting and won't affect either my armies at all really. My Dwarfs never max out shooting as I restrict myself to 2 units of missile troops and at most 3 warmachines. My High Elves will include a Dragon Mage, not a Prince+Star Dragon combo which I think is too predictable and easy to take and play, I also only double up on Swordmasters so the unit restrictions won't hurt at all. Vampire Counts I won't be using at tournaments as I simply haven't played enough games with them, but as my list is based entirely around Skeletons and Black Knights, the restrictions don't hurt me there either.

And now I have a firm date for when the repainting of my High Elf army needs to be completed - January 30th/


purpledtentacle said...

What is exactly a BOB list?

Binz said...

I find it interesting that there has to be so many artificial balancing factors - listen up GW, if you balanced it right the first time then people wouldnt have to redo the rules like that!

/end rant

Anyway, looks like youll have some fun there john!!! :D

John said...

BOB = Back of book, a lot of army books have ready made army lists within them as examples. Tournaments ban their use, as well as the use of army lists provided in White Dwarf articles.

purpledtentacle said...

Thanks John!

You have an interesting year ahead, full of tournaments. I really like what I read about restricted tournaments (I hope here people get used to them instead of deploying always the same boring overpowered lists) so good luck with your armies. In special with Dwarves, of course!