November 9, 2009

WIP Stage 2 - Female Vampire Count

Areas painted yesterday were the Hair, Red Robes, Armour as well as black shading on key areas.

Hair was Codex Grey base coat, Fortress grey highlight, Skull White highlight, Bleached Bone dry brushing, Ogre Flesh wash, Sunburst yellow highlighting. Had to make additional touch ups to face and chest due to run off from hair colour.

Black shading put in suitable areas such as tops of armor, between upper chest and hair, top of bodice, around bottom edge of helmet and between legs etc. Skulls currently WIP with only a layer of Bleached Bone, Flesh Wash, Bleached Bone, and Ogre Wash applied so far

Black wash added to armor areas along with Chain mail highlighting, still to be completed with Mithril Silver etc.

Red and Purple robes washed with Badab Black, Chaos Black then used within recesses and on folds etc for highlighting. Scab Red and Blood red then followed for highlighting.

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