November 6, 2009

WIP - Vampire Counts Female Vampire

My current project and one I am enjoying a fair bit after putting it off for some time. Had to ask my wifes opinion on what the various items of clothing were as I couldn't really tell what was what. Blue coloured bodice was also her idea. Completed Skin, Bodice and necklace last night - first model where I have focused on specific parts aiming to complete them individually rather than doing the whole model layer by layer.

Flesh colour was achieved with a base coat of Tanned Flesh followed by a layer of Flesh Wash (which is fast running out and is sadly no longer in production) then Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh and a few layers of Ogre Flesh Wash.

1 comment:

noeste said...

It truly is a lovely model, I have been debating whether I should get myself one just for the joy of painting it!

Looking forward to the finished product!