December 21, 2009

WIP - New look High Elf Army for 2010

Finished pinning my White Lions to their Iron Halo bases last night and undercoating them all ready for painting. They will, once completed, be the newest unit to be added to my new look High Elf Army which I plan to take into battle during the 2010 New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy Tournament season.

The project has involved (1) paint stripping and repainting every model & unit in the army, or at the very least retouching them to ensure the dark purple scheme runs through the entire force, and (2) Re-basing every unit with Iron Halo bases and adding snow to them. The completed units so far are.... [images should expand when clicked on]

Infantry Units

Spear Regiment & Phoenix Guard

Swordmasters & Spear Regiment


Spear Regiment

Phoenix Guard
The 3 completed infantry unit types


Battle Standard Bearer

Dragon Mage
(Reins & seat still to be done)

Noble/Prince on foot


Units still to be completed are
- White Lions x15
- Dragon Princes x10
- Spears x20
- Shadow Warriors x10
- Silver Helms x8
- RBT's x4

Also need to purchase some new models
- Archer Regiment
- Maybe another box of Spears depending on how paint stripping of old models goes

I also have to figure out what to do about movement trays - looking at using the GF9 plastic sheet stuff and constructing my own.

December 16, 2009

Mk2 Menoth Faction book not due till April 2010

Well its been confirmed by Bell of Lost Souls and PP that Menoth players will have to wait until April 2010 for the new Mk2 Faction Book to come out. The Mk2 rulebook, and I am assuming the faction cards, come out in January 2010 so thats something.

Sneak preview of possible cover art looks OK but I was expecting something a little darker in tone given the images posted of the new Khador and Cygnar faction book covers.

December 15, 2009

WIP - Knights Exemplar & Deliverer Sunburst

Just some pictures of my current Warmachine projects a unit of Exemplars Errant, who I also use as Knights Exemplar and the crew for my Deliverer Sunburst (which is unfortunately missing some key pieces, including the arms off the 3rd crew member).

The Exemplars I am doing in a darker scheme than my other unit which has purple armor. These guys will be all metallic with only the mixed brass/gold areas to act as highlighting. Part of an overall theme I am looking at doing for my entire Menoth army.

Only areas needing to finished on these two Exemplar models (other than the missing limbs of course) are shading on the purple robes. I am particularly happy with the way the belt buckles turned out, and the effect of the black highlighting on various areas. The extra shine on the gold areas is due to a thin layer of (the now out of production) Chestnut Ink which is just awesome for highlighting gold.

If the unit as a whole looks good I will most likely paint strip the other Exemplar unit and repaint them in the same scheme.

Deliverer Sunburst & Crew
These guys are also acting as a test unit for the scheme I want to apply to my Deliverers which I paint stripped a week or so ago. I am keeping the purple highlighting scheme but retaining the standard Menoth white this time. I think the overall effect is pretty good - not first class like some guys work I have seen (e.g., Noeste, Elzar, & Dims) but better than my first efforts of two years ago.

I quite like the way the cross has turned out on each guy as well - using Chaos Black to highlight the sides really brings out the shape.

December 14, 2009

Latest Protectorate Unit

Quick review of the Privateer Press website this morning revealed the latest Menoth solo to be added is the Vassal Mechanic who will join the Templar Heavy Warjack under the new Mk 2 rules.

Vassal Mechanic

Templar Heavy Warjack

The other 'confirmed' rumour is of a new unit of Exemplars called the Exemplar Cincerators. Details are very sketchy with the artwork below the only clue as to what they might be releasing so far.

Current consensus appears to be that the unit of 5 will be standard infantry size of 30mm and take on some combination of the Temple Flameguard/Flameguard Cleansers in terms of weapon abilities. Either way 2010 is shaping up to be a very interesting year. I'll be buying at least 3 of the new Heavy Warjack plastic kits at least.

December 10, 2009

Podhammer Episodes

Due to an inability to get ANY painting done at the moment because of the demands of having two children and a busy work schedule my gaming hobby has been limited to reading forum traffic and catching up with the guys at Podhammer.

For the uninitiated Podhammer is an Australian podcast that according to their official blurb...

"is a bi-weekly podcast about Warhammer Fantasy. The shows covers everything from latest news & releases, tournaments & painting tips. The shows casual and uncensored discussions with a distinct aussie flavour make this wargaming podcast unlike any other. .."

Podhamer was the first podcast of its type and is renowned for its no holds barred approach to discussing Warhammer. In fact its webpage boldly states that...

"Podhammer gives an uncensored no holds barred look at the game and as such contains coarse language. We reccomend that listeners be over 18 or have parents permission. If you are easily offended by dwarf bashing, elf bashing, 40k bashing, UK bashing, America bashing or gay bashing – this show may not be for you. – You have been warned!!!"

As I listen to Podhammer at work I tend to use Headphones as most of the language is definitely NSFW. However, it is incredibly interesting, funny and very informative. They are currently up to Episode 51 a discussion of the latest Skaven Army Book, and among my favourite episodes and those that would be useful to any gamer are:
  • Episode 30 - Warhammer 101
  • Episode 36 - Stuntycast (for my fellow Dwarf players)
  • Episode 45 - Combat; in depth discussion of tactics etc
If you haven't checked these guys out yet then I seriously suggest you do - among the many contributors are Australasian Warhammer Champions and occasionally equivalent players from the UK and the US.