December 14, 2009

Latest Protectorate Unit

Quick review of the Privateer Press website this morning revealed the latest Menoth solo to be added is the Vassal Mechanic who will join the Templar Heavy Warjack under the new Mk 2 rules.

Vassal Mechanic

Templar Heavy Warjack

The other 'confirmed' rumour is of a new unit of Exemplars called the Exemplar Cincerators. Details are very sketchy with the artwork below the only clue as to what they might be releasing so far.

Current consensus appears to be that the unit of 5 will be standard infantry size of 30mm and take on some combination of the Temple Flameguard/Flameguard Cleansers in terms of weapon abilities. Either way 2010 is shaping up to be a very interesting year. I'll be buying at least 3 of the new Heavy Warjack plastic kits at least.

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